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Copy Writing for sports site for sushrithc4

30 articles 1000 words each with approximately 8 keywords in each article. Some will have as few as 4 keyword Phrases.

These articles must be original, use large vocabulary, have correct punctuation and spelling.

main keyword to be in title and one of sub titles and articles 1st sentence and last sentence then randomly placed through article another 6 to 7 times.

keywords 2 and 4 will be in one subtitle each and randomly in article another 3 to 4 times

keywords 5 thru 8 will be in article 2 time each.

Do not submit articles with same sentences just copy and pasted from one article to the next or try to use duplicate copy as it will be rejected and is absolutely not acceptable.

Job needed in 10 - 20 days

Can escrow in installments if you wish to deliver some and then be paid in groups of 50 articles

The articles must be:

* Be 100 percent new content

* Written in US English

* Grammatically correct, no spelling errors, sentence fragments, etc.

* The Article file format a word document

* Be interesting, easy to read, no stilted language or filler fluff and on subject and relevant to keywords provided (article must be on topics provided and be historically correct and factual).

* articles will be checked at [url removed, login to view]

Write the first few articles and stop and email them to me for review. Wait for the articles to be reviewed. After any corrections have been made you will be given the go ahead to complete the remaining articles.

Expect an unlimited number of rewrites until the articles satisfy the project requirements.

With your bid include a sample article as a PM described below

We have a large number of ongoing projects and the right candidate can look forward to additional writing projects.

All articles need to follow the following style as sample provided


Title <h1> :1st Keyword or Main Keyword+++title

1) Sub title <h2> 2nd Keyword ++++sub title

Trophy is one type of reward for some specific success, and generally claims as verification of merit. They are usually awarded with the sporting proceedings. These vary from young sports through the professional stage athletics. The reward of a trophy is not just in winning it; however, those who win this treasure the inheritance that as well comes with this trophy.

Medals are frequently given out in place of or else along with the trophies, like the gold medals, the silver medals, and the bronze medals in sport.

2) Sub title <h2>3rd Keyword ++++sub title

Trophies are the mementoes that are to be a treasured lifetime. They can be honored for some accomplishments, or souvenir of membership, or an event. Trophies as rewards are particularly common for sporting and office accomplishments. Academic awards are also given in a form of trophies for certain classes as well as subject proficiencies. Academic trophies for the sporting accomplishments are most famous. Games such as cricket, tennis, basketball, football, and golf have in demand Academic trophies and Awards. No one will forget the photos of sportsmen howling with happiness and holding their hard earned Academic Awards.

3) Sub title <h2> 4th Keyword ++++sub title

Trophies are at times given for succeeding business targets or else for attending any training programs in an association. They are as well given to the members of best clubs and institutions.

Academic Awards can be little different in make & design. Few company’s present custom trophies that are completely designed trophies for some events, person, and occasions. For instance, Oscar is specially made for Oscar awards and trophies.

Materials to select from contain of crystal and glass, acrylic, plastic, enamel, resin, and metals such as gold, pewter, or else silver. Design is left for the thought of client. Customary trophies present cup-based design. Few rare designs contain of resin sports jerseys, bobble heads, or grilles Rolls Royce.

4) Sub title <h2> 5th keyword +++ sub title if 5 keywords used

The trophy of baseball has with him the ball or player pitching a ball, in metal, or sports jersey or player of baseball bobble head with specially made engravings. The trophies in sport of golf have to figure of golfer tee’s away, golf ball, or golf kit. The soccer trophies contain balls of soccer with a customized etching, or goalie and player in action.

5) Sub title <h2> 1st keyword or main keyword phrase +++ sub title

Customization will allow one to make trophy exclusive and precious. Generally, it is not the price that is significant, but the cleverness of that design. Trophy with shape of grille Rolls Royce was specially made for Rolls Royce club. In such way, Academic Awards are specially made for some sport events

bid will only be awarded to someone willing to provide sample use custom vinyl banners as the keyword on sample


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