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Need someone that has experience with SPINNING articles using Jetspinner (from [url removed, login to view])

I have 10 already written 400 and 500 word articles that need to have alternative synomons/words/phrases/sentences set up with beginning bracket at the start of a word/phrase/sentence { and divider bracker | (which separates the alternative words, etc finishing off with end bracket } which closes the alternate word group. (see example below)

If you have experience of spinning or feel capable of doing this (visit [url removed, login to view] for more info), have excellent command of the english language, can work to deadlines, and can communicate daily then I will be delighted to receive your bid.

Please only bid if serious about this project and feel confident in your ability to do it.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not required to SPIN these articles - only to set them up for spinning as you will see below.

Budget for this project is: $30 (with $5 bonus if completed on time and to good standard)

Timescale: within 5 days.

Thank you


(When trying to|In struggling to} {shed|lose} {unnecessary|excess} {fat|weight} {most people|many of us} {realize|understand|know} that we {need to|must|have to} {eat a|consume a} {healthy|balanced} diet and {workout|exercise} {on a regular basis.|several times a week.} The {phrase|saying}, “you are what you eat” is {becoming|never} more true and {alarming|startling|worrying} as we are {increasingly|becoming|now} more {overweight|obese} and more {ill|sick} everyday.

{Our System|Our body} {needs|requires|must have} natural nutrition; a fuel {that|which} {transforms|converts} into energy. The {level|quality} of this fuel will {decide|determine|dictate} how well our body {performs|works} {which is why it is|therefore it is} {important|crucial|vital|neccessary} we make sure it is in the {best|right|healthiest} form. Therefore, if you want to {have energy|feel energetic|feel alive} all day without {the usual|any} {slumps or illnesses|fatigue or disease} you {need to|must|try to} {provide it|feed it} with nourishing {natural|healthy|wholesome} foods.

When we {eat|consume|take in} foods that {are|have|been} processed {our body finds|we find} it {very|really} {hard|difficult} to break the foods down and this has an {unhealthy|adverse} affect on our digestive system. {Also,|In addition,|Plus,} when we {consume|eat|take in} foods that {contain|are full of|include} saturated fats – {especially|particularly} hydrogenated fats – our body has no {idea|clue|understanding of} what to do with it as it has {zero|no|little} nutritional value and is {therefore|just|then} stored in the body as fat. So begins the {cycle|process} of {gaining|putting on} {weight|excess fat}.

{Now that the|As these} fatty deposits {become larger|begin to increase|take hold} within the body {we|you will} {begin|start} to {see|notice|endure} bloating, water retention and {an accummulation of|a build up of|excess} waste and toxins. This {occurs|happens} as the processed fatty {meals|foods} we {eat|consume|take in} {are full of|contain|are loaded with} artificial ingredients and are {travelling|passing} [very|really} slowly through the digestive system.

This {additional|extra|excess} stress on the body means it {needs to|has to|must} {devote|allocate|spend} {much more|so much|extra} energy breaking down the processed food it has {barely any|little|no} energy {left for|to do} {day to day|everyday|normal} tasks. {You will then|This will make you|The result of this means you will} feel {exhaused|tired|drained} and {not able to|unable to|not capable of} exercise. This {decline in activity|inactivity|lack of exercise} has a {huge|massive} impact on {the body gaining|gaining extra|gaining additional} weight. Most people at this point {begin|start} to {experiment with|explore|try ou} {fad|unhealthy} diets, which {never|we all know don’t|rarely} work but we’re {misdirected|driven by desperation} as we {don't|fail to} {realize|understand} how our {bodies utilize|body uses} nutrients. This {vicious cycle of|unhealthy|realationship with} on-and-off dieting {will eventually|can and does|definitely} lead to {serious|major} health problems.

So how can we {prevent|stop} this {unhealthy cycle|health decline}? The {recommended option|best way} is to {consume|eat} {a diet rich in|at least 80%} raw living foods.

Raw food {contains|has} all the vital nutrients {we|our bodies} need. It {provides all the essential|is full of} living enzymes, which is what {supplies|gives} our body energy and {vitality|life}. {A major factor for|Another benefit of} eating raw foods is {the speed in which it passes|its ability to pass very quickly} through our digestive system. This is {as a result of it being|because it is} completely natural, unprocessed, and {contains|it has} no additives. The body {will|can} quickly {carry|transport} and store {all the|the} nutrients {therefore passing|and pass} on the energy for us to use.

Raw food is {great|fantastic} for {anyone|those} trying to {shed|lose} weight as it {provides|contains} good fats that our body {really|actually} needs and {won't|doesn’t} store or {build up|increase} in the body as fatty deposits. {Too many saturated fats|It is the saturated fats that} cause the body to {put on|gain} weight. {Eating|Eating mostly} raw food will {help to|also} cleanse your body of {waste|toxins} and {eliminate|get rid of} bloating.

{Eliminating waste and toxins also helps to get|This also gets} rid of {unsightly|unwanted} belly fat. The {detoxification and extra|natural increase in} energy {enables|helps} you to become more active. {During|When we} exercise we {improve|increase} our oxygen supply and {our|this helps to improve the} circulation of blood. {Ultimately|This has the added benefit of} improving the function of our vital organs, {improving the detoxification process|speeding up detoxification}, and {transporting|carrying} the nutrients {all over|to the relevant parts of} the body.

{Consuming|Eating} a diet {with mostly|mainly of} raw foods has {additional|so many} health benefits, but it also {contributes to|greatly increases} how you feel about yourself. Not {just|only} because you are {losing|shedding} unwanted {weight|fat|pounds}, and {are excited about|love} your new shape, but {that you will also|you will very quickly} feel more awake, sleep better, have more self confidence and {an overall|a total} feeling of {wellness|wellbeing}.

{Now that you understand|When you add up} all the benefits of eating raw food, {especially|particularly} as you {will|can} lose weight much {quicker and naturally|healthier and faster}, {you should|it makes sense to} adopt this way of eating into your life. {Understandably|Though} the thought of {eating raw|this way} might not be {altogether|entirely} appetizing, I can {honestly|wholeheartedly} tell you that {once you get through the first few days|after the first few days} you will no longer crave sweet or savoury processed foods. Your body {will crave|actually starts to crave} {juicy|delicious} raw foods and {when you see the results|once you see the benefits} you will want to {eat only|continue and eat} this way {forever|for all time|always}.

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