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Cosmos e.

What is Cosmos e?

Cosmos e denotes “Cosmos e Technologics Private Limited”, a one stop solution for all needs of a publisher.

How Cosmos e helps a Publisher

Book Publishing is an art by itself which has evolved over a period into a Science of Publishing.

Today, the publication process involves the following steps:

1. Manuscript or the content preparation.

2. Preparation of a page layout.

3. Print perfect electronic entry of the data provided in the manuscript/content into the page layout.

4. Proof reading/editing of the content for technical errors.

5. Proof reading/editing of the content for language errors.

6. Preparation of a ready to print output and

7. Print.

The Process,

The Problems and

The Elementum Solutions.

1. The Manuscript or content for a book is usually the responsibility of the respective authors. The authors submit the manuscript either in a handwritten format or electronic format. The content of the manuscript varies. They may be short stories, novels, magazine articles, reports on business, Scientific research reports on Avian flu or AIDS, book content in specialized fields of knowledge like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Plant sciences, Animal sciences, Bio-chemistry, Bio-technology, Microbiology, Medicine, Law, Management, Ecology or Psychology.

There are occasions where the manuscript is an old copy of a book or report or a bunch of handwritten papers. There are also occasions where there is no author or a manuscript for a title.

Cosmos e can utilize even such poor quality data to capture them into electronic format and provide the content too with proficient authors when there is a need.

2. Preparation of a page layout is an important step in the process. Imagine a Hadley Chase, a weekly magazine, a Science Journal, a Mathematics Student Text Book and an English workbook. They all come out printed in different sizes. The page layout decides the size of the book and is carried out with the latest software programs.

There are occasions where the page layout has to be decided based on the number of pages in terms of the cost of production and the content such as mathematical derivations.

Cosmos e can design the page layout as per such client requirements.

3. Print perfect electronic entry of the data provided in the manuscript/content into the page layout is the most interesting aspect of the process. This is done with the latest softwares available in the industry.

Can U ever imagine a man typing a medical book with no background in even biology?

Can U ever imagine a man typing a nuclear physics book with no idea of basic physics?

But, this is what happens with most of the publications where, a dtp guy has no basic knowledge on what he is typing and this happens due to a shortage of dtp operators with a background in that particular branch / specialty. This always results in an imperfect document with type errors.

Cosmos e solves this peculiar problem by employing an individual with at least a basic background in the particular branch he/she is entrusted with for data entry. For example, a data entry operator employed to type a biology book will have a basic exposure to biology at the under graduate level. This ensures an output with minimum technical errors.

4. Proof reading/editing of the content for technical errors is the most important step in the process of publishing. This step is done by an expert in the branch /speciality.

The service of an expert is essential because of the fact that the book has to be free of technical errors whether it is a mathematical derivation or a chemical reaction.

Cosmos e classifies them as a distinct class and calls them Technical editors. These technical editors are distinguished personalities in their respective field. They are Professors and Research Scholars.

5. Proof reading/copy editing of the content for language errors is an interesting step too with language experts putting their expertise into the documents to look for grammar and spelling errors. Further, the publication has to be formatted in the required style of writing and referencing. Some demand APA Style….Some MLA …..Some Chicago Style and so on…This process makes the copy clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent. This process of copy editing involves correcting spelling, terminology, punctuation, grammar and semantic errors.

Cosmos e has a battery of Language experts and quality check softwares to execute this task.

6. A Ready to Print Output is the product of the above mentioned critical steps designed to bring out a high precision quality data for Print. This may be a word document or a PDF file or a PageMaker file as per the requirements of the publisher.


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Cosmos e Technologics Private Limited


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