Make a content outline for 600 New York legal topics by writing a one paragraph summary/explanation per topic using supplied research material.

ONLY AMERICAN NATIVE WRITER NEEDED. Also, you MUST have a legal background and MUST be very intelligent and MUST be a good writer. Knowledge and understanding of the legal issues will be very important for writing this text.

I have an outline of New York legal issues. The subject matter is entirely of a legal nature. There are approximately 603 topics in the outline. I need a 1 paragraph summary/explanation of each topic. This is not as simple as writing an article for an internet blog. You will be essentially researching each topic and writing a one paragraph summary/explanation. I will supply the various research material that you will use to formulate the responses to the topics. By combining the research materials, you will be able to formulate an accurate, well-written and concise paragraph for each topic. All the research materials are in WORD format. For each subject (there are 13 subjects), I will tell you what research materials to look at and in what order to took at them. You will simply do keyword searches through the material for each topic and then use the research material to formulate a response. While you will utilize the research information to write each paragraph topic, the research information cannot be plagiarized.

In general, you cannot plagiarize the research material. The work must be original. You can rely on the material to prepare the response, and I understand that you will copy and paste some of the language, but it must differ from the research material to avoid any plagiarism. Remember not to change any of the formatting if you copy and paste any text. A clever provider will convert the research documents to text so that they can copy and paste the text and the text will use the existing formatting of the Outline document. In addition, about 267 of the topics are based on New York laws. I will supply you with the relevant law for each topic (The topic is essentially hyperlinked to the law making it very easy for you to examine the law for each specific topic). For these topics, you can plagiarize the law. You will find that some of these topics will be very easy to answer and some will be more difficult where the law is complex. This is why you will need to have very strong legal and writing skills in order to analyze and understand the law and write a concise paragraph on the legal topic. Of course you can always refer to the research material to help you with the topic.

I will pay $600 for the entire project so you will be earning about $1 per topic. Each topic should be one paragraph long. Some topics can be short, a short topic will consist of about 6-8 sentences. A long topic will be 10-15 sentences. Each topic paragraph does not have to be comprehensive, but it must be succinct. The idea is to get an overview of the topic so someone reading the topic will have sufficient information to know the legal aspects of the topic. Therefore, when someone is presented a essay question on this topic, the paragraph that you write explaining the topic will be sufficient to earn the person a good grade. Again, I know that it is impossible to be comprehensive with only one written paragraph, and that is where you need to use your legal and writing skill to try to write a concise summary in one paragraph. If there are certain topics you are having problems with, just skip them and move on. For any unfinished topics, you should put the word “UNFINISHED” at the start of the paragraph so I know it is incomplete. If you did a decent job on the topic, I may pay you 50 cents for the topic if it appears good effort was put into it.

You MUST save different versions of the Outline WORD file as you work. You ideally should save the Outline WORD document under a different name after every 8 topics. You must email me one completed topic per day so I can verify that you are answering the topics properly. I will give feedback to you by email if you are not. I do not want you to write all 600 topics and then I reject the work because it is not what I wanted. If you start to deviate from my requirements, I want to let you know ASAP so that you do not propagate the mistakes to other topics.

If you bid on this project, I will PM you with two sample topics and the corresponding research information. I will also give you some completed topic paragraphs to illustrate what I am looking for. You MUST submit to me a written paragraph for each sample topic so that I can confirm that you are a quality skilled writer and researcher. I will not choose you unless you have submitted these two sample topics so that I can evaluate the quality of your research and writing skills.

Escrow: I will make twenty escrow payments, each time 1/20 of the work is done. Therefore, you will be paid $30 each time you send me 30 new topic paragraphs that I approve.

This project MUST be completed within 20-25 days. Do not bid if you cannot complete it within this time frame. I estimate it will take a good legal writer an average of about 5 minutes per topic (some topics will take two minutes, some will take 10 minutes or more) to research and write the summary paragraph. With around 600 topics, if you are a good legal writer, it will take about 50-60 hours of work. Therefore, you must be able to put in at least 4 hours per day on this project to get it done on time. DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT DO THIS. I don’t want to hear excuses that your internet was down, etc. This project is time critical. AGAIN – DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT DEVOTE 4 HOURS PER DAY TO THIS PROJECT FOR THE NEXT 25 DAYS.

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