Help writing multiple books, articles, special reports, manuals, and more.

I’m looking for a committed writer who can take transcripts for books, manuals, white papers, special reports, and modify them into good content. I have included a brief list of projects I will be doing immediately and in the next month or so.

About the Job:

You will be taking transcripts (by transcript I mean: a recording I create and have transcribed with everything I say into a word document for you to edit and clean up) I have created for the books, manuals, articles or whatever the project is and turn it into good content. For example I recently created a manual for my business by recording what I the manual was about then had it transcribed. After I got the transcript I cleaned it up, corrected grammar and quickly turned it into my manual. I will create the recording and have it transcribed. You will be taking the transcript and turning it into the book, manual, or article from there. Everything including the job description will be in the transcript for you to create the content.

Job Qualifications:

1. I don’t feel you need to be familiar with my field of work as I will provide all the transcripts. But if you want to know we are in the real estate industry and are having you mostly work on training and how to information/content.

2. You must have good English grammar. The guys making the recordings do NOT have good grammar and tend to repeat themselves often. You will need to be able to clean up the grammar and short out any rambling or duplications of content.

3. You must be able to work quickly and meet all deadlines. When you place your proposal please put in what your turn around time will be. For example you should put in your proposal how long it will take you to modify each page with on average 500 words. Most of the projects will be 20 to 60 pages for a article, 60 to 100+ pages for a basic manual, and 100 to 200 pages for a basic book. However most of these projects will be articles or smaller books (under 100 pages).

4. You MUST use the original content transcripts we provide you. I am not looking for a writer that wants to create everything their way. Yes, if you can modify and add what’s needed to the content to get it right. Or if something is to rambled and said unclearly you can read the basic content and rewrite it fresh because it’s easier that way. I’m just not don’t want someone to think they have to do everything new or fresh after they get the transcripts. Modifications is fine as long as they keep on track with the main content.

Immediate And Upcoming Projects:

Note: with all of these projects we will provide you with the basic content in a transcript as stated above.

Immediate Projects that will need to be complete within 4 to 6 weeks:

-FAQ for home sellers about auction (Estimate 5 to 10 pages with 300 to 450 words each page)

-Auction home selling manual (estimate 20 to 60 pages w/400 to 500 words each page)

-Manual for agents about selling auctions (estimate 60-120 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

-How to set up marketing for auction and sell the home (estimate 60-100 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

-Overall action concept and reselling to agents (estimate 40-80 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

-How to buy a home at a good deal (special report) for home buyers (estimate 20-40 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

Other Projects that are not as urgent - to be complete within 1 to 2 months:

-Multiple Special reports for tele-seminar handouts (estimate 20-30 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

-Multiple white papers to use as lead gen tools for homeowners and agents (estimate 20-30 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

-Multiple e-Books and white papers to use as lead gen tool for agents (estimate 20-30 pages w/up to 500 words per page)

How I would like you to place your Proposal w/Bid:

If you plan on only writing a few sentences with a bid you are wasting your time. I never accepts bids with no information on the about the project or why you are qualified for the job. If you are going to bid on this job you need to let me know why you are qualified for it and how you can do with the job. Providing past work that proves you grammar will help you get the job, also I never accept a bid on the lowest price although price does help I am more concerned about you being able to do the work I need in a timely schedule.

Also service and timely delivery is very important to me. These factors are a MUST for this job.

One last think you can bid this however you want, make suggestions or whatever. However I think I WOULD LIKE YOU TO BID ON A PER PAGE BASIS. Example (Mock bid info) My bid is XX per page I work on. When I get a project I will be able to turn around a 20 page article in 2 business days or 48 hours. Whatever but that’s just a example.

This is ongoing work. I will always have these jobs available. Right now I have a little more than normal because I have fallen behind. If you want some ongoing work this could be the thing you need.

Good Luck

P.S. If you have questions before bidding please feel free to PM me. Just read the job details first before you do so you don’t ask something I already answered.

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