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Content Writing on Internet Marketing

Guidelines for Content Development

1) Target Audience

a. The articles are intended for small to midsized business owners

b. They are very conscious about their business growth through marketing

2) Article Tone

a. They have heard of Internet Marketing but need to be convinced that it is a great way of growing their business

b. We can also emphasize that given the current economic downturn Internet Marketing is one of the best ways to market themselves because:

i. The net is where the customers are; around 80% of all purchase decisions in the US are being made based on information gathered on the internet

ii. The results can be easily measured

c. Similar arguments & statistics can be used to support our proposition.

3) Article Structure

a. Don’t use long, verbose paragraphs

b. Use Figures & Tables

c. The article should be divided into clear sections.

i. Each section should have a headline (6 words max)

ii. Sub headline – summarizing the section ( 15 words max)

d. Within sections text should structured flow. It should be bulleted & numbered wherever possible.

4) Deliverables:

a. Article: Planning an effective SEO Strategy:

i. [1000 – 1500 Words] [ 2 Diagrams ] [ 1 Relevant statistic ] [ 1 Case Study / Example ]

ii. Subsections:

1. Questions you need to ask yourself before starting a SEO Campaign

2. Resources required for a successful SEO Campaign;

a. It should cover: How much Time is required? How much Money? What kid of human resource? [Content Writers? Developers? SEO Specialists?] What Kind of Tools?

b. Essentials For Managing a SEO Campaign:

i. [1500 – 2000 Words] [ 2 Diagrams ] [ 1 Relevant statistic ] [ 1 Case Study / Example ]

ii. Should contain a step by step SEO Process

c. Improving your SEO Campaign

i. [1000 – 1500 Words] [ 2 Diagrams ] [ 1 Relevant statistic ] [ 1 Case Study / Example ]

ii. Subsections:

1. Measuring the results

2. Analyzing the results

3. Improving the SEO campaign

5) Values

a. The content should be structured, logical & step by step

b. The content should be actionable.

i. For eg – If you talk about search engines on which we can do SEO, it’s not enough to say that there are primarily 3 – Google, Yahoo & MSN.

ii. We should inform the audience that as per a report 70 % of the searches are done on Google, 20 % on yahoo & 7% on MSN. Hence they should go for Google.

6) Content Flow

a. The content should be arranged in bullets and numbers

b. Tables should be provided to arrange the information

c. There should be a logical, step by step flow

d. Flowcharts should be used extensively to establish SEO as a step by step process.

7) Creative Value Additions

a. One of the objectives is to make the content easy to follow.

b. So it would be our effort to optimize the number of words and include images and figures like flow charts and tables.

c. The content writer need not develop the creative himself but should suggest images or figures. The creative can be a copy of existing resources on the web. The internal design team would modify them before use.

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