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Synonyms Required

I need synonyms for many words

I have a file wherein there are lot of words are brought together as synonyms; But these are not exact synonyms if replaced with other word.

So what I require is break the entire line, take one word as given below and find the synonym for that.

Example :


Each word should be on a separate line as follows and its synonyms. In between the words, you have to put " / "









Few paragraphs are given below :

1. believe/accept/credit/understand/assume/presume/conjecture/surmise

2. language/speech/speaking/talking/words/vocabulary/utterance/conversation

3. manage/administer/advocate/boss/call upon/captain/care for/carry

on/command/concert/conduct/counsel/designate/direct/disburse/dominate/engage in/engineer/execute/govern/guide/handle/head/hold down/influence/instruct/maintain/manipulate/mastermind/minister/officiate/operate/oversee/pilot/ply/preside/regulate/request/rule/run/steer/superintend/supervise/take over/train/use/watch/watch over/wield

There are around 36,000 words, 1600 paragraphs, 232,000 characters and 79 MS Word pages in the font face "Times New Roman" " 12 pt "

You have discrepancy of deleting words which are used rarely or used rarely. e.g. cogitate, gonzo, discombobulated, wienie, flummoxed, flustered etc. which are not commonly used in English. But I'll require a list of such words.

Also you can synonym 3 or more words together which are very close to the meaning of each other. (i.e. each word in the line can be replaced by any word in the same line) i.e. If the meaning is absolutely same, you will add more than one synonym to one word.




1. English must be your first language and not second language. i.e. your Mother Tongue should be English.

2. There is no programming involved. Between two words you have to put " / " instead of space.

3. The file saving format is .txt (notepad) and encoding UTF-8. (while saving the file you should choose "save as" from file and then change "ANSI" to "UTF-8". That's it.

4. My max. budget is $70. So please do not bid if your bid is more than that.

5. I want certain phrases to be added to the list which are commonly used in writing.

example :

in this regard/in this respect

in view of/after reviewing

The more phrases you give, its better.

6. Please write down in one sentence "how you plan to complete the work?"

7. No need to make any letter capital even though its the first character of the sentence

8. I don't want meaning. I want synonym which can fit in the sentence in place of the original word.

9. If a word has two or more meanings

example : power

1. US has the power (here it is mean as strength)

2. Electrical or mechanical etc. (here it is required to push or pull something)

3. vested power (here it is similar meaning as authority)

In such cases, you can give two or more synonyms in one line.



or alike.

10. So why I require persons whose first language is English.


I want just one exact synonym for each word which can be replaced in any sentence. The synonym should fit exactly. The meaning of the sentence after replacing the synonyms should not feel odd or should not sound odd. The replaced word should fit smoothly in the sentence.

1. You will work honestly and find just one synonym to each word.

2. If the meaning is absolutely same, you will add more than one synonym to one word.

3. I will check randomly and if the percentage of wrong answers is more than 2%, I'll cancel the project. (This is essential to maintain the quality) If English is your first language, then it will not be hard for you to do it below 2%.

4. If I get quality, I'll certainly give bonus to you.

5. You will complete the work within 7 days max.

6. Honestly is most important factor.

7. You'll give daily report and should be available on IM.

8. You may get the work done from your employees, provided their first language is English too.

Its JUST LIKE A CROSSWORD PUZZLE. You have to solve it for 36000 words.

I tried to explain as far as possible. If you do not understand, let me know. If you understood this, then post any one line from above mentioned lines in PM so that I'll know that you read everything and understood it correctly.

Bid for whole job and not any part of it.

I wanted this project to be done on yesterday. Last opened project didn't work out to my satisfaction although there were 23 bids.

So you should be dot on date. If you have any other work in hand, please do not bid. I want the work to be started on 1st Jan 2009 and fast & accurate providers need to bid on this project.

I'll not consider the bids posted without reading.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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