Article Writer/Spinner needed

I need 5 articles written on the topic of credit repair (keywords to be supplied later)

Each seed article will be setup in this manner:

1. A unique, fresh article will be written and then rewritten 4 times for a total of 5 unique article variations.

2. You will then go through each sentence and put in the synonym suggestions for at least two-three words per sentence [that will also make sense with the entire article/sentence--shorter sentences will not accommodate.]

They will be void of spelling errors and be at least 400-500 words in length.

A sample paragraph in this format is here:

{Whether it be for a {special|specific|particular|grand} {occasion|affair} or just to {express|show} one’s sentiments, jewelry has {always|constantly|consistently|forever|invariably} been a {favored|beloved|cherished|admired|treasured} gift by men and women alike.|Jewelry has {always|constantly|consistently} made a {great|special|hot|wonderful} gift for men and women. It is {simple|casual|simplistic} enough to be {given|gifted} between friends and can be {elegant|exquisite} enough to give to a special {loved one|someone|person}.|{Found|Seen|Lined up} on {many|lots of|several} people's {wish|want} lists, jewelry has {become|turned into} more than the status symbol or {representative|popular|symbolic} moniker that it {once|formerly|one time} {was|embodied|constituted}.|When it {comes|is} time for anniversary gifts, birthday {presents|gifts}, and {getting|finding} {someone|somebody} that {special|unique|exceptional} Christmas {gift|present}, men and women alike have {found|learned|discovered|noticed} that jewelry is {always|invariably|usually} a {safe|good|solid|dependable} {option|choice|pick}.} {From watches to rings and {bracelets|wristbands} to pendants, jewelry has {always|invariably|consistently} been on {most|many} people’s {wish list|Christmas list}.|{Ladies|Women} {purchase|buy} watches for their {special|particular} {beaus|fellows|boyfriends}, {men|gentlemen|guys} {purchase|buy} diamonds for lovers, and friends {exchange|give} {tokens|keepsakes|relics} of their 'best friends forever' status; {no one|nobody} can go {wrong|awry} with the gift of jewelry.|There is a reason {that|why} jewelry {companies|sellers} {air|broadcast} more {ads|advertisements} around Christmas and Valentine's Day; jewelry is a {common|popular|familiar} wishlist {item|token} that no one can go {wrong|awry} with {purchasing|buying}.|Jewelry is {often|frequently|oftentimes|frequently} the {safe|dependable|best} {gift|present} that anyone can {purchase|buy|get} for a {special|specific|grand} {occasion|affair}. {Some|Many|Several} {even|still} {buy|purchase} jewelry to {reconcile|settle} a wrong they have {committed|pulled|perpetrated} against a special {someone|person|individual}.} {Jewelry has not always been {used|utilized}, however, for {decoration|ornamentation} and gifting {purposes|intentions|uses}.|Ironically, jewelry was not always the {valuable|precious|valued|invaluable} {gold|silver} and diamond {trinkets|novelties} we see {today|nowadays}.|{Modern|Popular} {civilization|culture}, however, has {grown|become} accustomed to {seeing|considering|regarding} jewelry as more of an accessory than a status symbol or group {representative|illustration|affiliation}.|{Though|Even though|Although} {most|almost all} people {wear|don|put on} jewelry as an accessory to their {outfit|ensemble}, jewelry has not always {represented|depicted|portrayed} the same {ideas|themes|thoughts} as it has in {modern|popular} civilization.}

I want to do one test article first to determine your writing ability. Please be ready to povide samples and PLEASE put your expected turn around time in your quote.

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