cPanel server setup on Amazon AWS

Hi There,

I have an existing cPanel server colocated at a datacentre. The dream is to be able to make an AMI from the CentOS server that is currently running and port that over to Amazon AWS. I have an AWS account and have a couple servers with S3 Storage attached. One for a special project and another just to play around with. I would like to move the entire cPanel server with approx. 160 websites to Amazon.

The project will happen in 2 stages.

1. Move the server over just as a test. Nothing is live and we can move one or two test domains over. This is to work out the bugs like firewall issues, pointing IP addresses with Dynamic DNS, any NAT issues and setting up a reliable backup using by creating new AMIs and snapshots automatically. (If we can't make an AMI from the existing server we'll have to setup a fresh cPanel server and move the cPanel accounts over - not a big deal but a little more work. I've done this many times before.)

2. Once testing is completed, help moving over the liver server and all the accounts.

I suspect we'll use [url removed, login to view] to point the domains but we'll have to see what works best.

Also part of the project is to teach me how all this works so we can troubleshoot it etc. I have a working knowledge of Amazon AWS but need an expert.

Thanks for your interest.



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