Abstract Furniture Artistry Project

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I'm looking for a talented artisan who can bring a unique, abstract touch to new furniture in my home. The main focus is on my built-in closet dresser, but I'd also like to consider bringing this artistic flair to potentially other pieces, like benches.

Your responsibilities and requirements:

- You should have a strong grasp of abstract painting, particularly the use of bold colors. Your style should make my furniture pieces pop and become a focal point.

- This project will not just be about applying abstract art to furniture, but also providing recommendations on how to best integrate this art within the aesthetic of each piece and my home.

- Installations will primarily be in my bedroom closet, office, and living areas.

- Experience with furniture painting is essential, and if you have previous projects involving functional art, that would be a distinct advantage.

I appreciate dynamic and creative minds that can bring a new perspective to ordinary furniture. If you think you're the right fit for this, your bid is welcome. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and ideas.

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