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The concept of a MANAGE IT software is borne out of the result of a thoughtful innovation of a business model that will combat the effects of a growing 3rd world economy on small businesses in a competitive economy.

Businesses are no longer doing very well again like before, this is because consumer spending is on the decline; everybody now tightens their budgets and spending.

Getting new customers and keeping the existing customers coming back to buy from you.

The MANAGEIT software is to offer business with solutions that helps maximize goods, accounts, sales and customers. With the software, you will get all the data you need to analyze your customers, and their interactions with you, you also get to understand how you can serve them better. This will help the management take real time, swift, proactive, and customer centric actions that will drive sales, boost revenue, enhance retention of customers, thus growing their business. It is a platform that helps identify profitable customers.

With manage IT, companies can analyse, plan, develop and execute all marketing activities with available resources. And see all that is happening in their business, This is because the software will give you the initiatives and the data that will help increase long term profitable customer relationship. It will also give employees that relate direct with customers in an organisation ( frontline employees) the opportunity to work with an integrated user interface for accessing customer data and their previous business interaction history.

## Deliverables

1. Make it a web based platform that can support different stages of business on a corporate website with access to web mails, access to hosting it for them in such a way that it will enable them have access to both front end and back end with applications that can run in both intranets and extranets, and, make the modules and the pages more user friendly and pictorial, with email notifications for events and reports.

2. **_The Notice Board:_**

A notice board will be available for front desk and all customer answering officers to use when dealing with a customer. All FAQs will be on the board with customer related issues as it relates to customer best answers to product/service questions.

The notice board will be updated by the back office managers to assist the front Desk officers( the receptionist, customer care personnel and other customer answering personnel) to enjoy access to the latest information and comprehensive communication tools and use it to serve the customer better.

1. **_The Survey platform(know your customer):_**

A survey board will be available for each customer. This survey is a pop up board that appears like a personal module for customer and the entity he is representing.

* Previous customer experience details with the company. it carries all the customer related information like personal details. The staff will be able to discuss with the customer based on accurate previous interaction and previous survey answers on how he want to be treated as customers to get their loyalty for life, it will also contain their previous transaction history (sum order of orders and transaction history and the staff that attended to them during the transactions)

* When adding information into the survey board. Features like what they like about your business, which of your staff they dislike and would not want to deal with again., what they like and dislike about your mode of operations, what they would like you to do to them when ever they come to do business.(how they love to be treated) what other needs they have as related to what you are offering them, innovations and suggestions they want you to bring into your business to enable you serve them better.


The database will be structured into different groups of customers like

* Vendors, employees, contractors,

* Major customers

* Others( to be added by the management) each of this groups must fill up surveys occasionally to help the company make good informed decisions


Reports will be generated for the management on every information available on the software.


After each customer interaction, a thank you card or gift will be sent automatically to the customer. It will come in two forms ( text based messages to their phones and the card sent to their email) this are online gifts, Jpeg designs with interesting inscriptions and customer friendly notes like

* *"we like you and want you to tell us how we can serve you better"*

* * "it was a pleasure to work with you"*

* * "you are highly esteemed"*

* * "you are the major reason why we are in business"*

* * "we appreciate your doing business with us"*

* *"thank you for choosing us as your preferred partner"*

However to make it flexible, some of the jpeg pictures will be available for customization by the clients to suite their tailored jobs and different customer interactions.


* The access to the notice board and the survey board 24 hours by the front desk officers and the management will help make staffs more responsive and effective by helping customers with their needs in quick time. This is a sure way of lowering operational costs significantly because it will erase all hardware customer approach to a software based solution which is all about helping business increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

* When this entire platform and its features is readily available. It becomes easy to track customer satisfaction and needs, it becomes very easy to support them with some value added services that will keep them running.

* With a reliable technology platform to base all customers, it becomes easy to track customer satisfaction and needs, and it becomes very easy to support them with value added services that will keep them running good and advanced customer interactions.


The MANAGEIT has some add-ons to make work swift. This will include a SALES Module, A company Central Business Directory ( included into the notice board, survey/feedback forms sketch, marketing plan of company, schedules and appointments, online chat(IM), online spread sheets, bar charts and pie charts

Then some online add-ons like Microsoft outlook for customer email collections. Then IM ( *Instant Messaging)* to the internet to show those online and chat when customers are online in their different locations., also they should be able to send mails on the console. And integrated with packages and any other programmes they want us to integrate for them in their business plan to achieve success.

A sub chat service on their portal where people can reach their customer care ( like d one from [[url removed, login to view]][1]) that we have on some websites

The front page of the manage IT app will have a dashboard for the customers to log in to their own space.. that is for those that do not want their own website, may be they want to be on the shared website that you guys will create for it. when they log in..they will see the following features on their home pages,

All home pages will have a space for vision and mission, then a news room for the employees to see latest news from the back end.

Picture of outstanding employees and best customers,, then links to the other areas that the Admin gave them rights to work on, then to log into the pages and the modules links, it asks them for a pass word and check their name as the employee login in, (just to authenticate who is doing what?

, at the end of each page, we create room for suggestions,, all suggestions goes to the admin back end suggestion box.

then all invoices from all transactions with the customers.. we want it to be routed to mobile SMS messaging that will come into their mobile phones as text messages instantly..

" thank you for buying .., from ABc company, we are very grateful for your patronage, do visit us another day.. very short sms.. and create the platform for different companies to write different sms formats

Then due to the electricity problems we experience in 3rd world environments.. we should also make arrangements for desktop apps that will run locally on a single system and on intranet networks.. Just for the local business that will need it for development but does not have internet connection

Then don't forget to create room for annual subscriptions/ licensing

Then the thank you cards will be in jpegs and Gifs and Png so that every transaction done, the customer receives it in his mail, different from the instant text messages they receive on their phones..

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