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I am looking for a skilled WordPress developer to create a custom WordPress plugin for my project. The plugin should have the following functionality:

- Create a new custom post type that allows users to submit and vote on captions.

- Looking for clean, professional code that uses OOP when warranted.

- I wish to avoid installing any additional plugins unless absolutely necessary, but let me know if one should be considered. (for example to enable facebook login)

- I like to be selective about which libraries we use on the site. In an effort to avoid unnecessary bloat.

- I do use jquery, slick, bootstrap. If there are any other libraries you are considering using, I would like to discuss.

- currently running wordpress 6.4.1 version.

- Potential ongoing similar work in the future.

- I'm looking for developer I can count on long term.

- Creativity is encouraged.

- Open to hear about ideas for improvement.

- Use slick [login to view URL] and show a slideshow with controls for user voting

- Display the images in a grid and all of them have captions showing. the captions rotate automatically with a dynamic delay which depends on the length of the caption string. Allowing user to have roughly the right amount of time to read each one.

- on Hover the voting mechanism is displayed. A simple heart would suffice. Each user gets one vote by adding a heart. Each caption shows how many hearts it has received.

- this interface also allows user to submit their own caption for the image. When that text field receives focus, or user types in it, we may need it to get larger if they are going to write longer captions.

- For marketing purposes I think it's important to have share buttons for the major social networks.

- Put share buttons on the grid which display on hover for an image in grid: facebook, instagram, x, and whatever else you recommend if anything. These would give user option to share the image with the caption of their choosing.

- People who have submitted a caption can share their own caption in a different way, and ask their friends to vote for them.

- Clicking on an image in the grid will expand the view so the image is larger on screen. The voting and submit caption features displayed below the image no longer require the mouse to hover the image for them to be visible. (they don't fade away when you move your mouse off like they did in the grid before enlarging)

- if the user has submitted a caption for the currently enlarged image, they would see a section labeled "Invite friends to vote for my caption" This is where the share buttons are displayed.

Moderation requirements:

- We will need a user friendly way to approve comments, automatically (possibly using ai or a combination of filters and when something is unclear use the ai to determine whether it's appropriate or not.

- The filters should automatically block obvious stuff containing common American curse words.

- Add a setting for auto-publish captions using openai api to confirm that the caption is appropriate for a pg-13 audience (ages 10+). For example: send a prompt to the api like "Please review this user submitted image caption and respond with yes or no. If no, include a reason why. Is this image appropriate for a pg-13 audience of approximately 10 years or older? {user caption here}." Then we can store the status and reason it was approved or denied.

- Add a way to batch approve/publish by using checkboxes (wordpress bulk edit interface)

User requirements:

- Add a "login with facebook" button to the wordpress site. Allowing users to register more easily so they can participate. (log in with google is already configured)

- This ^ may be part of a separate custom plugin or make use of an existing (high quality preferably free or low cost plugin)

Security / Maintenance requirements:

- Maintain secure connection (SSH already configured on the site)

- Use secure api connections wherever possible.

- Encrypt any sensitive user data at rest using industry standards (like AES-256)

- Input Validation and Sanitization: The plugin should validate and sanitize user inputs to prevent SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other common web vulnerabilities.

- In the future, we'll need to perform regular Security Audits and Updates as needed to address bugs or vulnerabilities.

- Error Handling: The system should handle errors without exposing sensitive information, such as system paths, database details, or other exploitable data.

- Rate Limiting and Access Control: We may need to implement rate limiting to prevent brute force attacks and abuse, especially on login forms and API endpoints.

- Logging and Monitoring: Implement logging of significant actions and regular monitoring for any suspicious activity.

- Compatibility with Security Plugins: Ensure the plugin is compatible with popular WordPress security plugins.

- Secure API Integration: If integrating with external APIs (like OpenAI), ensure secure API usage practices, including secure storage and use of API keys.

- Documentation: Provide detailed documentation on how encryption at rest is implemented within the plugin, which will be crucial for future maintenance, audits, and compliance checks.

Design requirements:

- I do not have a specific design in mind and would like the freelancer to provide a design for the plugin.

- Must be user friendly on all major device screen sizes. (desktop, tablet, mobile)

- Developer to perform user experience tests on all 3 major device types.


- I would like the project to be completed within a month.

future ideas for phase 2:

These are not part of this project, but listing them here in case it will affect the way you structure the plugin. Just keep them in mind as we complete the initial build.

- Allow users to start their own caption contest by submitting their own image with or without caption. These images would need to be offloaded regularly to an amazon s3 bucket using something like wp_cron.

- add ai-powered features that utilize api's like those from openai.

- for example a way to generate a caption for an image. We would relay the image to the api along with some text input from the user describing the type of caption they want.

- maybe add some caption tags that user can mix and match to send to the ai and color the caption they get back. For example tags like: funny, cute, inspiring, inflective, existential, political, dry humor, Nostalgic, Whimsical, Sarcastic, Mysterious, Educational, Motivational, Poetic, Absurd, Thought-Provoking, Romantic, Satirical, Melancholic.

- Wordpress site optimization will be needed in anticipation of higher site traffic

- The site will eventually need to be migrated to a new host in order to support scalability

Ideal skills and experience:

- Strong proficiency in WordPress development and plugin creation.

- Experience in integrating e-commerce features into WordPress websites.

- Ability to create a visually appealing and user-friendly design for the plugin.

- Experience integrating with openai's api. Or similar ai-powered api services. Would like to see relevant examples of work that uses ai.

- Would be interested in hearing your ideas about how to approach scalable wp hosting in the future when traffic increases.

If you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this project within the specified timeline, please submit your proposal. Proposals that do not show that you have taken time to read and understand all requirements will not be considered. Tell me why you're the best person for this job. Looking for an enthusiastic professional with relevant experience. Must be a good communicator and collaborator.

Project budget: $2,500 - $5,000 USD

CSS JavaScript MySQL PHP Wordpress

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