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I need to set up a demo course where it might have 10 slides and of those 10 slides, the learner must view a specific number of them in order to complete the lesson.


Slide 1: (mandatory)

Slide 2: (mandatory)

Slide 3: (mandatory)

Slide 4:

Slide 5: (mandatory)

Slide 6: (mandatory)

Slide 7:

Slide 8:

Slide 9:

Slide 10: (mandatory)

Slide 11:

Slide 12:

The Captivate lesson should watch for 3 possible scenarios and display this example information to the learner when:

A) They enter the course for a second time. Note: that previous course session [slides viewed] information is remembered by the AICC compliant LMS.

B) When the learner clicks the EXIT button to leave the course.

The 3 scenarios:


Example scenario 1:


So if the learner views all the slides *except* slide 10 (a mandatory slide), when they click the EXIT button (to end the course), a message will be displayed, stating that they did not watch slide 10 and therefore, did not complete the lesson.

Give the learner the opportunity to go back and complete the course OR allow the learner to exit.


Example scenario 2:


If the learner views slides 3, 5, 6, and 10 (all the mandatory videos), when they click EXIT, they will see a message, that they have completed all the mandatory slides, and the lesson is considered complete.


Example scenario 3:


If they watched all the slides, they will see a message that they have completed the lesson by watching all the mandatory and optional videos.


Now, here is the part that might be harder. This course will be published to an AICC compatible LMS. The LMS will track which slides were viewed.

This means that the above 3 scenario messages should be presented to the learner when the learner *also* enters the course more than once. To do this, you need to determine how to read this information that the course KNOWS (by virtual of the fact that it is visible in the TOC - checked boxes of which slides were viewed).


The other important part of this course is having the ability to send a AICC complete string back to the LMS when the course is considered complete.

Normally, this is automatic when 100% of all the slides are viewed. However, in this situation, only specific slides need to be viewed for the course to be considered complete.

Do you understand? If you don't understand the LMS part of this project, I ask you to focus your attention on the other parts. I will help you find the answer. It really is a simple matter for sending a "complete" string back to the LMS.

IDEA (as already presented to you):


Question (please answer):

I do not think it is possible to read which slides were viewed (e.g. the TOC can show checked boxes for slides visited - but Captivate offers no way to see that information.). True or false?

Can you do it this way?

After each mandatory slide, have a hidden quiz question that is automatically answered as CORRECT.

So, if there are 4 mandatory slides, there are also four hidden quiz questions after each of these slides. And a pass can be set for 100%... meaning that all 4 videos must be watched before the course is considered complete.

The above 3 example scenarios would display according to the hidden quiz results... meaning <100% is incomplete, therefore display the incomplete message.


- In this project description, I removed the term "video" because the content on the slide is not important.

- It is very important (most important) that I can report back to the LMS that the course is complete *only* when the mandatory slides are viewed.

- The number of mandatory slides is not important and will change in the final product. The number and placement of mandatory slides needs to be easily changed.

Thank you

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