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Song Collection

Write a program that stores details of a Song collection.

Level 1 maximum 50% (depending on implementation, demonstration, viva and documentation) must include the following:

Declaration and initialisation of variables

Separate arrays to store individual details of each item

A menu of options dependent on an integer variable

Method to add items

Method to search for an item and print details

Method to print items

Useful comments, good indentation, good use of variable names


Create a menu of options controlled with an integer variable for the programme including

input a new entry from a keyboard

search for an entry

print all the entries so far


Declare a series of arrays to hold details of Songs. A Song consists of (for example) the title, length in seconds, artist, (“Superstition”, 405, “Stevie Wonder”). The program should be able to store Song details in the declared arrays.

A single entry can be entered by the user typing the details in and the entry can be printed out.

Your program should provide a search method that allows the title of a given Song to be looked up in the array and the details printed to the screen.

Level 2 version A - maximum 100% (depending on implementation, demonstration, viva and documentation) must include the following:

As level 1 above plus

Method to update an entry

Method to sort items by artist (Hint use an index array for this).

Method to save data to a file

Method to retrieve data from a file


As Level 1 example plus

Expand menu with additional options and write code for the following:

An entry can be updated

Data can be sorted by artist and entries displayed in that order to the screen

Data can be stored in a text file

Data can be retrieved into the array from a text file

Level 2 Version B - maximum 100% (depending on implementation, demonstration, viva and documentation) must include the following:

Functionality as for level 2 above plus

Use of classes and objects to store and manipulate the item data


Write a new class ‘Song’ to represent details of special Song objects. A Song consists of the title, length of song in seconds, artist, (“Superstition”, 2405, “Stevie Wonder”).

Your class definition must include an appropriate constructor method.

Your program must provide methods to allow addition, updating, searching and may also allow sorting of objects.

Your program may have a method to store all the objects from the array into a file. A further method could allow the contents of a previously stored file of objects to be restored into an array.

Create a menu of options for the programme including

Input a new object from a keyboard

Search for an object and print details to screen

Edit an object

Sort the objects

Print all the entries so far

Save objects to a file

Retrieve objects from a file


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