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Hi There,

Came across your work when looking for a solution to customising magento price tiers. Hope you don't mind the direct request ;)

If you are available - could estimate this for me please? I have placed an rough budget - more interested in the feedback to see if this can be completed in a relatively short space of time.

[url removed, login to view]

1. Modify magento price tier code to display buy x - x for £x each e.g.

Buy 1 - 49 for £3.32 each

Buy 50 - 99 for £2.99 each

Buy 100 - 149 for £2.39 each

Buy 150 and above for £2.39 each

2. Amend flooring area calculator to pull values from price tiers -(magento) - we have just enabled tiers and at present the calculator is only passing the original base price - I have pasted a copy of the script we think is responsible for the calculator

3. Reduce the size of the tabbed description area width - so it fits neatly under the main image and thumbnails

We will provide access to a dev site and will request that a log of the files / changes made is sent to us in order to apply to the live site.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.


code from [url removed, login to view]

Willowson = {

Calculator: {

PackSize: 1,

Init: function() {

$jq('#room').bind("keyup", [url removed, login to view]);

$jq('#qty').bind("keyup", [url removed, login to view]);

$jq('.calc-button').bind("click", function(event){[url removed, login to view]();[url removed, login to view]();}) ;


//$jq('#room').val([url removed, login to view]);

[url removed, login to view]();


UpdateRoomSize: function() {

if (isNaN($jq('#qty').val())) return false;

if (isNaN($jq('#room').val())) return false;

var val = $jq('#qty').val() * [url removed, login to view];

var rnd = [url removed, login to view](val);

if (rnd > val) rnd--;


[url removed, login to view]();


UpdateQty: function() {

if (isNaN($jq('#qty').val())) return false;

if (isNaN($jq('#room').val())) return false;

var val = $jq('#room').val() / [url removed, login to view];

var rnd = [url removed, login to view](val);

if (val > rnd) rnd++;


[url removed, login to view]();


UpdateTotalPrice: function() {

var finalPrice = ($jq('#qty').val() == 0) ? "0.00" : CurrencyFormatted([url removed, login to view]((stripAlphaChars($jq('span.regular-price > [url removed, login to view]').html()) * $jq('#qty').val()) * 100) / 100);

$jq('div.total-price > p').html("<span>Total Price:</span>£" + finalPrice);

var finalCoverage = [url removed, login to view](($jq('#qty').val() * [url removed, login to view]) * 100) / 100;

$jq('div.sq-metre-price > p').html("<span>Actual m<sup>2</sup> Ordered:</span>" + finalCoverage + "m<sup>2</sup>")




function stripAlphaChars(pstrSource) {

var m_strOut = new String(pstrSource);

m_strOut = [url removed, login to view](/[^0-9\.]/g, '');

return m_strOut;


function CurrencyFormatted(amount) {

var i = parseFloat(amount);

if (isNaN(i)) i = 0.00;

var minus = (i < 0) ? '-' : '';

i = [url removed, login to view](i);

i = parseInt((i + .005) * 100);

i = i / 100;

s = new String(i);

if ([url removed, login to view]('.') < 0) s += '.00';

if ([url removed, login to view]('.') == ([url removed, login to view] - 2)) s += '0';

s = minus + s;

return s;

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