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hi there mary ann, my name is josie. i was having a conversation with a vertern policeman here in austraila today 12/01/13. and with what i told him he thought very strongle that i should write a book about it.

i have a very interesting story to tell. it has to do with a 16 year marrage loaded with abuse. and will be ending with my exhusband getting the electric chair (hopefully) for child molestation. if your interested in my story i was told by the policeman that it would be best to get it writen and published with in the next few months due to all they hype on men of the cloth here in austraila being turned in for the same thing.

please let me know if your interested and we can work out the details cost length of time to write and finish the book etc later. i do have skpye so we can work out times to chat about details in the book that way .

thank you for considering helping me write my story. i really feel it needs to be told and being told today that i should write a book about it and already having that idea in my head just confirms that i should do it.

this started in 1981 falling pregnant. not getting married till i was 7 months along, having my son then his dad changed. he was phyiscaly abusive, threating, etc and i tried to get away but he always sweet talked me back or scared me in to comming back belitting me always. i was young and impressionable and when the hurting started then i became very protective of my son while i was caring him and after he was born . i took the hits for 16 years so my son and daughter (born 1988) didnt . i was scared, my family (mom) said you made your bed you lie in it. we moved many times, i never new why till much later. my husband was a jack of all trades and master of [url removed, login to view] bs his way in to jobs he had no clue about then progressed in to top paying positions until he was hurt badly and couldnt do that type of work again. this made him meaner. harder to live with and very firghting just knowing i had to go back home after work everyday. if it hadnt been for my kids i wouldnt have gone back. people say just get out leave but if they have never experienced what i have they dont understand why i had to stay. fear, fear of not being able to take care of my kids on my own, being told i couldnt do anything, belittled all the time. threateded with the phrase " if you even think about leaving ill shoot you" when i found out what he had done and had been doing for i dont know how long... thats when my life turned from living with the fear to living in fear. never knowing where he was or when he might turn up. worried that he would snach and grab your children which he did try to do. i couldnt get any help once he bolted, and when i put up posters to help find him the local police would rip them down because they knew the DA had screwed up by letting him out of jail as i told her 2 days pryor he would run if she allowed him to bond out of jail. she let him out and he bolted. she was fired from her job because he was to be extradited to flordia from oklahoma and the flordia

DA was very upset that oklahoma let him out. i tried to get him on americas most wanted but the new DA wouldnt do it as it would make them look bad for letting him go in the first place. they didnt want that bad publicity for they're town.

i have more to tell you. please let me know if your interested in helping me write this. this man needs to be in jail for the rest of his life. hes been caught. it took 11 y\ears to find him. that was a cool story they way he was turned in. i would love to thank the man thet turned him in personally. he was very brave to do that. my ex was wanted on the ncic for 11 years till he was caught. in that 11 years who else did he hurt. how many more lives were distroyed. now hes playing with the legal system and stringing it along to stay in a county jail in protective custody. thank you for taking the time to read this. please let me know what you think either way.

cheers, aussie lady

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