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Creating an Microsoft Excel:Mac2011 Routine on a Mac

Creating an Microsoft Excel, Excel:Mac2011 Routine on a MacBook Pro (Mac OS X, version 10.7.3) in any language, preferably using AppleScript Editor

Of course, I am open to suggestions. The goal of the routine is to complete a spreadsheet "Microsoft Excel, Excel:Mac2011" of 5 pages of 50 columns and 50 rows, using any language that let me flexibility, maybe preferable AppleScript Editor.

I. Spreadsheet

A) Page 1: The first column is for the date followed by 7 groups of seven columns;

B) Next 2 pages are dedicated to index or ETF and both have the date in the first column followed by 18 groups of three columns (information for these two pages is taken from Barchart Snapshot Opinion site (see below);

C) Next 2 pages will be the same as page 1;

D) Of course, I want to have the flexibility to change the sticker of the stock, index or ETF at any time, or to let empty a group of columns;

E) Everything has to be done automatically but the ratio Gold/Silver page 3, column H, that will be put in manually.

The frame exists, have a look at the sample.

II. Routine

The routine has:

1) to delete row number 2, all other rows going up one rank making row number 50 free to be completed with numbers and some uppercase letters with a sign ( - or +),

2) to put today date in cell column A, row 50 in four digits (American style = 0330 = March 30th),

3) to open the site of IBD Stock Checkhup for a particular stock (of course the name of the stock is put on the top of the first column of each group of seven columns and will change depending of the choice of the stock analyzed. Maybe this could be done manually! for example [url removed, login to view]

4) the information I want to get from IBD Stock Checkup are the following:

4.1) Composite Rating

4.2) Acc/Dist. Rating

4.3) Relative Strength Rating

4.4) Industry Group Rank with the indication of the rank of the stock - more precisely: if the stock is on the top five or not. The name of the group leaders is given just next to the Performance table. AAPL for example will rank this way as of 041312: 20/1 (Industry Group Rank 20 and number one on the "Composite - Group Leaders)

4A) to put all these informations

1) in column 1 of the group (this column has the name of the stock) for the Composite Rating

2) in column Acc/Dis for the Acc/Dist. Rating

3) in column RS for the Relative Strength Rating

4) in column IBDG for the Industry Group Rank with the indication of the rank of the stock (xx/1, xx/2, xx/3, xx/4, xx/ 5, xx/-)


5) to open the site of Barchart Snapshot Opinion ([url removed, login to view]

6) the information I want to get from Barchart Snapshot Opinion are the percentage, (given by a number) of:

6.1) Today's Opinion

6.2) Current Ratings: Overall Strength and Direction: Strength

6.3) Current Ratings: Overall Strength and Direction: Direction

6A) to put all these informations:

1) in column BART of the group for the Today's Opinion

2) in column STR for the Overall Strength and Direction: Strength

3) in column DIR for the Overall Strength and Direction: Direction

7) to give a color to the cell containing the :

7.1 in columns with the sticker of the stock,

7.2 in column Acc/Dis,

7.3 in column BART

7.4 in column IBDG;

8) The colors for the column Sticker of the stock will be the following:

8.1) from 1 to 69, cell color red

8.2) from 70 to 79 color camel

8.3) from 80 to 89 color green light

8.4) from 90 to 99 color green dark

9) The colors for the column Acc/Dis will be, for letters:

9.1) E, cell color red, (E-, E, E+)

9.2) D, cell color red, (D-, D, D+)

9.3) C, cell color red, (C-, C, C+)

9.4) B- cell color red light

9.5) B, cell color blue light

9.6) B+, cell color blue royal,

9.7) A-, cell color green light,

9.8) A, cell color green dark

9.9) A+, cell color green dark.

10) To put a sign / in the cell when the rate of Acc/Dis is going up, (E is the worst and A+ i

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