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272250 Selling e-books

We require a person who can sell [url removed, login to view] are around 25-30 and

more [url removed, login to view] a person sells 10 e-books in a day 60% of the cost will be yours and after the first 10 e-books are sold in a day then

100% will be [url removed, login to view] cost of the e-books will be 10$.


1-The MBA System: Your Guide to Absolute Internet Wealth: I made $3,200 in just TWO days!

This free ebook will explain exactly what I did to make this kind of money! Download your

copy right now and tap into the same system I use over and over again to generate thousands

of dollars online!

2-The Fire Fly Manifesto: Bad Economy | Just Got Fired | TIme To Fly: With everyone focusing

so much on the negative side of the economy, there a massive opportunity that's being missed

It's not scammy, it's not about capitalizing on people's misfortune or cashing in on a on

trend. It's real, it's deep and if you tap it, it will change the way you work and live for

the rest of your life. It's all laid out in the revolutionary Fire Fly Manifesto...

3-Guide To Cashing In On eBay: A PowerFul EBook Featuring 12 Exciting Chapters on How to

Generate Massive Income with Ebay from the Basic Of Ebay Introduction to the Proven

techniques to Boost your Ebay Profits Also Featuring 10 steps on successful selling on ebay,

Tips to increase your Ebay response and more.. A highly recommended EBook thats sure to help

you in discovering Tons of Income Opportunities on Ebay

4- 10 Basics for Starting Your Online Business: Launching an online business can seem either

simple or harrowing, depending on your perception of the Internet. For many, the task at

hand will come naturally because they're comfortable maneuvering the ‘Net with ease. For

others, it's an entirely alien idea requiring heavy guidance. There are ten basic steps to

initiating and cultivating your dream. Learn those steps here in this ebook.

5-Beginner's Guide to Internet Business: Are you lost? Confused? Not sure where to start?

This starter kit is intended to give you an overview and guide to the Internet Business and

the tools to get you started. After reading this ebook, you should have a better idea of

where and how to start your Internet Business.

6-My SEO eGuide: This SEO eGuide is exactly what you need to get your site on its way to the

top of Google, Yahoo and MSN. This easy to understand approach provides you with techniques

you can successfully accomplish yourself. It made [url removed, login to view] #1, so it can do the same

for you!

7-Affiliate Masters Course: This 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping YOU succeed at

affiliate marketing. It walks you through step-by-step how to develop a site concept,

find profitable keywords, and then attract targeted visitors to your website who are

willing to buy. This ebook is a true classic and many Internet super-affiliates have

credited their start to this course.

8-Developing Web Pages using HTML: Be able to create a basic web site with FrontPage

Express, the freeware 'Lite' version of FrontPage.

9-Myspace Promotion: How to promote your myspace pages.

10- Forex - A Quick Guide to Trading Forex: Forex Trading is a growing industry. Because of

the Internet, trading these global currency markets have enabled traders from all over the

world to profit from currency movements. This eBook is a guide to get you started in trading

forex. It provides a study of the most popular techniques to trade forex from fundamental to

technical analysts. The book is useful for beginners to experienced traders as a reference

guide and it includes technical analysis methods, glossary, trading tips and financial

indicators. Good Luck!

11- Virtual Automated Money Machine: Discover the closely guarded secrets of the affiliate

millionaires even if you don't have a product list or website of your own. You will learn

how to build a virtually automated money system that makes you money 24/7 and works on

complete auto-pilot. Isn't it time to learn exactly how to build an online money machine

from the ‘guru' himself.

12-70 Of The Most Motivational Quotes Ever: 70 of the most motivational quotes you will find

are collected in this neat little ebook.

13-1001 Best Things Ever Said about Work: 1001 Best Things Ever Said Work is the ultimate

book of quotations about work for the professional speaker, journalist, author, career

advisor, life coach, and connoisseur of great quotations. It also makes great reading for

just about everyone.

14-The Busy Woman's Fitness Solutions: Are you a busy woman who's tired of fad diets,

endless hours on the treadmill, and the crowds of muscle heads and spandex-covered bunnies

at the gym? Would you like to lose weight and get back in your skinny jeans in the privacy

of your own home? Fitness Expert teaches you how you can really lose weight without fad diets

worthless diet pills or an expensive membership at that smelly gym?

15-Guide to Natural Beauty Tips: Having beautiful skin and body also includes having the

right food. The Guide To Natural Beauty Tips comprises of:

(A) a list of how-to instruction to make use of fruits and food for your beauty treatment.

Some of the fruits and food are tea, olive oil, cucumber, orange, potatoes and many more.

(B) a list of secret recipes of healthy juices for total health wellness

(C) a summary of foods which provide natural remedies for prevention of various ailments.

(D) 3 easy homemade beauty recipes for your hair, face and body using natural and simple


16-Learn German in 6 days!: This book will greatly help your understanding of the German

language. Instruction and practice is the only way you will learn.

17-Disease & Illness, The Truth Revealed, The Lies Unveiled: Your health is precious.

Discover the truth behind vibrant health, the truth that the drug & pharmaceutical companies

don't want you to know.

18-Dracula: This book is about the Bram Stoker's classic novel of suspense and horror was a

bestseller in Britain when it was published in 1897. A late 20th-century biographer of

Stoker has suggested that famed Victorian actor Henry Irving, for whom Stoker worked for

many years, was an inspiration for some of Count Dracula's characteristics.

19- 24 Types Of Healthy Food For A Healthy Life: Many people tend to underestimate the

importance of having a balanced diet. The lack of certain valuable nutrients can be hazard

for anyone. A healthy diet is a thing that anyone can choose to maintain in order to keep a

good health.

20-How To Get What You Want: There are two simple techniques that I use and recommend. These

two are what I have found to be the most powerful. The first technique is all that you need

but the second is too powerful to leave out. You may use them separately or in harmony, the

latter being preferable. This book will take you to the very root of the problem and show

you how to do anything.

More will be provided later..

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