Data entry and Validation

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Data entry and Validation using third party portal for 3000 customers.

The objective of this project is to get the details from the third party website and update the details in the source sheet. There is a limitation in accessing details from the third party website (one at a time) which has to be considered before bidding. The process flow is explained below:

1. Open the government website (NBR).

2. Search for the customer with VAT number or CR number.

3. Clear the “I am not Robot” check.

4. Copy the VAT number and VAT registered name from the results to the source sheet.

5. Recheck if the CR number and VAT number is matching with the source list.

6. Open the Sijilat website

7. Search using CR Number

8. Select the correct CR number from the search result and paste “Commercial name” to the source sheet.

Complete the above process for all the customers and send the update source sheet within 14 days.

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