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Long term project for the right person (MTG fans preferd)

Hello, I hope you are doing well today. This project is very detail oriented, and through. Please read in full before bidding!!! Basically what I need done is to take excel sheet "mtglist" (provided each week) and go to a website (also provided each week) and compare the prices for each indiviual card onto the "price comp" sheet.

The best way I have found to do this is: 1) Copy and paste all of the card names, set, and quantity(on hand) into the price comp sheet from the mtg list, one set at a time (each set will be on a diffrent tab of the mtglist sheet) 2) Go to the given website (may vary from week to week) and look at that sets "buy list" (you can then delete the colums for the other 3 sites as only one will be compaired each week, but be sure to save the blank master that I will send you) 3) fill in the corrisponding quantity needed (Q) and the price per card ( I have all of the formulas set up as I need them already) 4) Delete the cards on the price comp list that the site does not list as needed. 5) Sort remaining cards by colum B and then A 6) Repeat with each set/edition.

I just can not keep up with the in-take, sorting, filing, comparing, and sending of this job anymore, so I am looking for someone to handle the comparing of prices part. If you want to get a little bit of a better idea of how this will work you can take a look at [url removed, login to view] (this will be the site most often used), click on one of the set names on the left and them in the center of the page click on the "sell singles" tab/link.

The price comp sheet that I have provided you is an older one, no longer valad, that has the cards from "Unhinged" set but all in foil. For this set, I put a - F after the set name, however usually the - F would be after the name of the card. This "- F" represents a "foil" card. Some of the other cards may have another letter after their name, this is important as some of the cards in some sets have more than one with the same name, but its a diffrent card. When compairing the card prices for foils be sure to click on the "foil" link next to the "sell singles" link.

The mtglist file that I have provided is not complete. You will be looking at close to 60 diffrent sets. I will have the complete first list and also be picking a provider in 2 or 3 weeks.

The timeline for this project is: (in US EST) Sunday night no later than 11pm I will: 1) send you the current mtglist file and tell you what website to use for comparison, also if we are excluding any sets that week and 2) escrow your funds. YOU: Would need to complete the comparison by (again US EST) Monday at 10 am. That gives you at least 11 hours, however it should not really take more than 6 or 7, sometimes a lot less. I will release your escrowed funds within 12 hours of that, after reviewing and completing the sale of cards on my end.

Now the tough guy statements (lol): Please dont waste my time or yours with outragous bids, this really is a simple job. Taking the job and then having a problem with the content of the cards. If you are not familar with this card game please look into the site I provided, some ppl find it objectionable. The prices on the sites are very time sensitive: I HAVE to have it done as stated in the time line above, NO exceptions. If you cannot meet these citeria, then DO NOT BID!!

Thank you and good luck! I will answer any questions as I can, but it might not be right away. Thank you.

Ok, I will be choosing a winner within the next 4 days. I do need to let you know that the timeline has changed slightly. I would be giving you the mtg list on tuesday night and needing it back wednesday morning. I will be making both lists compatable with other versions of office as well. If you are still interested please say so on pmb not on clarification board. thank you!

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