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AppleScript workproccess

I need an AppleScript for the following process:

We are doing a Flash Animation project in High Definition (1920x1080). The animators animate each scene in a seperate Flash-file. At any give time they will export the scene out as a full res PNG sequence.

The PNG files will be rendered out in a folder structure that looks like this:

Folder structure:

- Animation

-- C0010

--- Animation

--- PNG (This is where the files will be)

-- C0020

--- Animation

--- PNG (This is where the files will be)

-- C0030

--- Animation

--- PNG (This is where the files will be)

etc. untill C1050

In each PNG folder you'll find the PNG-files for that scene. The PNG's will be named the scene-number + three digits. Example: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] etc for files from scene C0030

I need a script that will:

- Look through the "Animation" folder

- find the PNG files for each scene

- open them as a Sequence in QuickTime (Pro) and do the following two things:

1) Save the compiled and non-compresed file as a QuickTime (.mov) file in the folder of the scene

2) Exports a Apple ProRes (not HD) version in 576 x 420 pixels (letterbox) in an external folder called something like "Proxy" (I'll give you the path later)

The idea is that the script will run every night (this will be controlled from Apples iCal - I can do that myself) and will look through the "Animation" folder. It will then make up-to-date Core-files (the uncompressed) and updated Apple ProRes files (these are the files I use to keep the Premier Pro version of the film up to date). The process should save over the existing files.

I will then always have the newest available version of the project on the server as well as a fully updated version on the film in Premiere Pro (since it references the Aplpe ProRes files from their location).

I already have a part of the script - but with this one I have to pick each folder manually and it only collects the PNG sequence as a QuickTime - it doesn't make my Apple ProRes export.

*** START ***

on run {input, parameters}

set aFolder to choose folder

tell application "Finder"

set folderPath to container of aFolder as alias

set theSequence to (get first file of aFolder as alias)

set sequenceName to name of theSequence

set savePath to folderPath & sequenceName

end tell

tell application "QuickTime Player"


open image sequence theSequence frames per second 25

set savePath to folderPath & sequenceName

set nameSequence to (savePath as string) & ".mov"

tell document 1

set preferred rate to 0.5 as real

with timeout of 500 seconds

save self contained in nameSequence

end timeout


end tell

end tell

return input

end run

*** END ***

I use OSX 10.5.6

Hope you can help me out!

Do not hesitate to contact me for additional info


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