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I'm working on a 3D musical fountain simulation app, using GLScene in Delphi 2007. This allows up to several hundred "nozzles" and their particle generators to be programmed off-line, before the installation of a fountain on site.

However my level of expertise has run out on the next enhancement: I need someone to create an extension of the TGLWaterPlane object (which I currently use for the water) with the following extra features:

1/ Mirror: The water surface must reflect the environment. This will include items placed directly on the surface of the water, particles and other objects in the scene. Cubemaps, shaders or any other way, but it must be fast. Only 1 camera is ever used in this project.

2/ The water reflections MUST "ripple" with the water in a realistic manner.

3/ The transparency of the reflections should be adjustable

Please take note that there will be objects very close to the water surface that must be reflected, as I know this causes problems with one possible solution.

Essentially I need someone to combine TGLWaterplane with TGLMirror, and make sure the reflections ripple with the water. I'm sure it's really simple, but I've run out of time!

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