Digg/Shoutwire/Newsvine Clone

Your bid must be for the fully tested, bug free and completed project. We will do getafreelancer escrow only, paid upon project completion, for your safety and ours.

When bidding please advise how you will handle / take on the project and estimated time frame.

Project Description:

We would like a full clone of [url removed, login to view], All features and options. Please make sure you fully understand the project BEFORE bidding. Make an account at [url removed, login to view] and see how it works. Read below first.

I would prefer that this project be a plugins / modules for the popular and stable drupal cms system. Please visit Drupal.org. You must have a understanding of drupal and its functionality. A fully working drupal site will be provided to test / develop on.

Since the core CMS is already there for you (drupal) it should not be a difficult project.

Users are able to submit articles to specific categories that are defined by a admin interface. Once the articles are submitted the community has the ability to digg (vote) on a article as well as comment. Once a article has reached a threshold set in the admin interface it shows up on the front page (promoted). Please note how you vote (by clicking on the digg) and how each users digg (vote) is counted and tracked. Again you must make a account at [url removed, login to view] to fully see how it works. Also see here [url removed, login to view] for some generic information on how this works.


Submit article

Vote on article

Vote on comments

Top stories (by votes)

Top users (configurable in admin, will get points for posting articles, votes he/she receives on a article, points for promoted articles, posting comments, and votes on his/her comments)

Recently promoted articles.

Admin should have ability to demote articles, promote articles, etc.

All features on [url removed, login to view]

Should work in PHP 4 and 5 and use mysql as the database.

URL's must be fully SEO compliant just as [url removed, login to view]'s are. Ie. [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]

With the above said, this should be developed in a way that each item is a plugin. Meaning the comment ratings is one plugin, the digg (voting) is another plugin, etc.

Please note we are not going to call it ýdiggý for now refer to it as vote, but this name should be configurable.

Please note the feature of ýBlog thisý which allows a registered user to add a url where they blogged / posted the story. Again create an account and check this option.

Layout should be of the same nature as [url removed, login to view], clean and nice layout, with rounded edges, and CSS.

Additional information can and will be given on project details once a bid is accepted.

After final product, you must provide support to fix bugs and minor corrections.

Again, the core of the CMS is done. abserd bids and auto bids will be ignored.

Made featured project.

Job Type:


* Javascript

* Website Design

* Graphic Design

Database System: MySQL

Operating System: Linux


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