Development of Integrated Pilot Logbook and Flight Booking System

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We are seeking a skilled ASP.NET Core developer to build an integrated solution comprising a Pilot Logbook System and a Flights Booking and Scheduling System (FBSS). The systems will serve pilots and staff members of a flight school, providing functionalities for logging flight hours, booking flights, and managing user profiles.

[Pilot Logbook System:]

Enable pilots to create and maintain a digital logbook with flight details, remarks, and endorsements.

Provide a dashboard with performance and flight hours information.

Allow pilots to generate reports, share logbooks, and receive notifications about expiries (membership, license, certificates).

Include features for adding flights, importing/exporting logbooks, and calculating currency flights.

Ensure mobile-friendliness, security, and integration with the booking system.

Flights Booking and Scheduling System (FBSS):

Implement role-based access control for SysAdmin, Staff, Instructor, Qualified Pilot, Student Pilot, and Guest.

Authenticate and authorize users based on roles, with profile verification for qualified pilots.

Enable booking of aircraft and instructors with role-based access and confirmation processes.

Implement QR code confirmation, aircraft hours calculation, and modification logging with notifications.

Ensure communication through email/SMS, reporting and monitoring, privacy and data security, and system maintenance.


The two systems should be seamlessly integrated, allowing data sharing and cohesive functionality.

APIs should be developed for data retrieval and posting between the two systems.

[Additional Requirements:]

The solution should be developed using ASP.NET Core, ensuring scalability, security, and performance.

Compliance with data protection regulations is essential.

Regular updates, backups, and disaster recovery procedures should be implemented.


Complete source code.

Documentation on system architecture, APIs, and user guides.

Deployment and configuration guide.

[Proposal Submission:]

Please provide a detailed proposal with a breakdown of tasks, timelines, and costs.

Include examples of similar projects you have completed.

Specify your availability and preferred communication channels.

We will provide a detailed project document containing specific requirements, features, and functionalities to qualified bidders who demonstrate a strong understanding of the project needs and have relevant experience in the domain. Bidders are encouraged to ask clarifying questions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project.

[Qualification Criteria:]

Proven experience in developing similar integrated systems, preferably in the aviation domain.

Portfolio showcasing past work, including back-end panels and system integrations.

Strong knowledge of ASP.NET Core, system security, and data protection compliance.

Excellent communication skills and availability for regular updates.

[Proposal Submission Update:]

Bidders are requested to submit a preliminary proposal based on the provided description.

Include relevant examples of past work in the same domain, as this will be highly recommended for qualification.

Detail your understanding of the project, technical approach, and any initial recommendations.

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