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Hello bidders!

I hope the name of the project itself tells you the nature of the project. In case, you didn't get it (yeah I have seen some lame copy and paste bids in these sites!), I have a client whose site needs to be promoted. Basically, at present the website is an experimental one. Depending on the response my client gets, he/she will have a full running website from Jan 2005. So I will post more projects in a few months provided you people give us something to cheer about!

Now let me tell you more about the site. The site currently is a simple personal website hosted with one of those "free" webhosting services. My client wants to promote, at minimum, just one page from the site. Reason? Well he/she has lot of affiliate links (to many freelance sites) in that page and he/she wants NEW freelancers to sign up through his/her page. Yeah, you got it....he/she wants to earn some money as commission. So your job would be to bring in as many visitors as you can to my client's website. THE SITE HAS BEEN OPTIMIZED ALREADY. IT NEEDS TO BE PROMOTED PROPERLY.

My client wants the website to be within the top 3 in Google and NOTHING LESS. His/her objective is that if someone is looking for a freelance site or online projects and uses Google to search, then that person finds my client's website within the top 3. Please note, that by top 3 I mean not first 3 pages but first 3 results! Can you achieve that?

If yes, then we need you. If not, then well, we don't need you. This is a serious bid and I want only serious bidders. I have no qualms in awarding this project to a newbie if he/she can prove that he/she can achieve the results.

Now that I have described the project and the basic requirements let me get into more specific details.

1. I do a lot of SEO work myself and I know the tricks of the trade. So don't try to be smart with me. So no false visiting. We will log IP addresses.

2. I want honest, hardworking bidders. If you do this project properly and prove yourself, you can be rest assured that you are getting some more projects pretty soon.

3. I want you to outline me the strategies that you will employ for the web promotion.

4. I want you to tell me what sort of results you can achieve and in what amount of time. An approximate idea would do at this time.

5. If you wish to work on a monthly basis its fine with me. But you need to show some very promising result before I will even consider extending the contract beyond this month.

6. If you employ any dirty tricks which might result in my client getting into trouble, trust me, I will take legal action against you. So don't try it. This project is for honest bidders. If you feel you are not upto it then don't bid.

7. I will not escrow any payments. If this doesn't sound acceptable to you then don't bid. But if you believe that you can get the results that my client is looking at, then you will get a 100 bucks bonus apart from your bid!

8. If you work honestly without trying to be smart, I will give you a 10/10 even before the project gets completed. Btu you will have to prove yourself though.

9. As soon as I find the right bidder, I will award this project to him or her.

10. DON'T PM ME WITH SILLY INFORMATION AND DON'T BID WITH THE REGULAR COPY AND PASTE STUFF. SUCH BIDS WOULD BE IGNORED RIGHTAWAY. If you don't have the time for a proper bid, how will you have time to promote a website?

11. If you PM me, please make sure you have answered #3 and #4. If you don't then I will just ignore them.

12. And finally, I know the job is not easy (web promotion job has never been easy, if done honestly and properly) but if you do the job properly, you will be rewarded handsomely and you can be rest assured that you will be awarded our future projects, if you have the necessary skills.

I guess that's all. If you need further clarifications PM me. Don't ask me for the website's address. It will be given to the winner only. You are not required to optimize the website, so why would you need it, anyway?

I am looking forward to selecting a winner amongst you people very soon

Happy bidding!!!

Bidders, please, please, please, please don't bid with stupid comments. This message is specifically for bidders like infogateindia. Hello infogateindia, did you ever read the project requirements? Of course not! I feel like reporting you to GAF! People like you give a bad name to your own country. Please read the project requirements properly before you bid!!! For Pete's sake do me this favor!

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