Shaping Up. Simple exercises to battle obesity

Toe Touching. :1/2minute.

1. Stand straight, feet 12 inches apart

2. Keep arms straight over head

3. Bend foward to touch floor between feet . Do not try to keep knees straight.

Knee Raising :1/2minute

1,Stand straight , hands at sides , feet together.

2, Raise left knee as high as possible , grasping knee with both hands to balance

3, Take the right hand to the bottom of the raised legs , just above the foot (shin) Hold tight.

4, Pull the raised leg towards your body , Keeping the back straight throughout.

5, Lower foot to floor.

6, Repeat with right leg. Continue by alternating legs - left then right.

Push- Ups : 2minutes.

1, Lie face down ,legs straight and together , hands placed directly under shoulders.

2, Push body off the floor in anyway possible, keeping hands and knees in contact with the floor.

3, Lower head to floor , streching arms in front.

4, Return to starting position.

Leg Lifts. 1minute.

1, Lie on back , legs straight and together arms at side , palms down.

2, Raise left as high as possible.

3, Lower and repeat with right leg.

4, Continue by alternating legs , left then right.

Run and Hop : 1minute


1, Stand straight , feet together, arms at sides.

2, Run in place raising feet as high as conveniently.


1, Raise both feet together off the floor . Jump about 4" off the floor , both feet leaving floor together. Jump continously about 10 times for the first few days.

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