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MatLAB Semi-Active Controller Quarter Car Suspension Design.

Before I describe the Project, PLEASE NOTE:

Only Bid/Apply if you are an expert in MatLAB and Control and engineering, and you know how to mechanically model systems in MatLAB/Simulink. Please Dont waste my time, as time is of the essence here.

The project is as follows:...

I will send the successful bidder to my project the following:

1) hand drawn Passive Quarter Car Suspension Model (consisting of Body Mass (m1) and suspension mass (m2))

2) Free-Body Diagrams of the the TWO masses (m1) and (m2).

3) TWO Equations of Motion for the TWO masses of the Quarter Car model which have been derived from the free-body diagram.

I need the following:

The successful freelancer to derive the TRANSFER FUNCTIONS (using Laplace) from the Equations of Motions for the following:

1) The displacement experienced by the passenger which is X1.

2) The displacement of the suspension mass which is X2.

3) And finally the transfer function for the distance (X1-X2) ... Thats (X1 Minus X2).

I want the above derivation to be done in Microsoft Word 2010 (so that I can edit them if I need to). Also, I want the FULL derivation, NO STEPS SHOULD BE MISSING! All brackets expanded etc etc.

I will also provide with the hand-drawn quarter car model, the values of the parameters of the model which are:

m1, m2, b1, b2, k1, k2. --- Please see attached word file.

Following this, I want ALL THREE Transfer functions plotted in seperate .m (Dot M) files in MatLAB seperately. Those of you who know this mechanical problem in MatLAB will know that this is qualifies as a PASSIVE Suspension system. For ALL these transfer functions, I want the OPEN LOOP RESPONSE with the given values of the parameters.

All working out and steps need to be shown, as well as explanations of what is going on in every step. This is an easy project for someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE doing. They can probably do it in ONE DAY at the most (A background in Control engineering as well as mechanical engineering is a must for the successful bidder)

Just to let you know that I have done this work already, so I KNOW what to expect and what Im asking for.

I need this work completed in ONE DAY. Please See attached file for the above information.


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