English Words Needed


I am looking for about 600 English words that contains other smaller nouns/verbs. All words should be verifiable through [url removed, login to view]

Along with the words, I would also like a small picture of these broken up nouns/verbs.

For example

Milkmaid -> Milk + Maid (Picture: Milk bottle + Cleaning Maid)

Proof -> P + Roof (Picture: Roof)

Wine -> Win + E (Picture: Someone winning a race?)

Stare -> Star + E (Picture: Star)

Starting -> Star + Tin + G (Picture: Star + Tin Can)

Letters can also come in between words, for e.g.

Milkmaid -> Milk + M + Aid (Picture: Milk Bottle + First Aid Kit)

Creativity is the key !!

The list must be sorted with common items grouped together. For example:

Group 1


Pictures: Star + Ring + Tin (Can)

Letters: E, G

Possible words:

1- Starring -> Star + Ring

2- Stare -> Star + E

3- Starting -> Star + Tin + G

Make sure to label your pictures to represent the word they stand for in the group.


I would need at least the minimum number in each category as listed, and you would be paid on 'per word' basis. The rate per word is given in brackets.

Category......................................Min Max Rate/word


Words with one picture + one letter.............30-50 ([url removed, login to view])

Words with one picture + two/more letters.......50-100 ([url removed, login to view])

Words with two pictures.........................50-100 ([url removed, login to view])

Words with two pictures + letters...............50-100 ([url removed, login to view])

Words with three pictures (+letters)............50-100 ([url removed, login to view])

Words with MORE than three pictures (+letters)..50-100 ([url removed, login to view])

I would only pay if at least 600 words are present ! No advance / partial payment for uncompleted project.

Happy Bidding


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