Graphically display readings from inverter

I have a inverter that saves values every 30 seconds with Date and Time, Source, Volt, Output Watt, Charging Amps etc.

Monitoring software can only export data in PDF format.

Currently I copy data from the PDF file and paste in NotePad++, I then, use a macro to remove unwanted CR’s and LF’s so only one line remains per record.

Data is stored every 30 seconds, and I can export data in a PDF file starting at 00:00:00 at night until now OR until 23:59:59. Usually I export 24 hours’ worth of data prior to today. I then copy that data to the NotePad++. This implies one file every 24 hours.

(Power Query in Excel apparently can convert the PDF and get rid of unwanted CR’s and LF’s to prepare an Excel file that I was able to use up to now.)

Care must be taken to not import the same record more than once. Records are unique.

The requirement is to create a bar chart graph in Excel or custom app to achieve the following:

1. I must be able to click something like a radio button to choose the timeframe I want e.g. hour graph, day graph, week graph or a months’ worth of data timeframe and to compare with three periods directly prior to that date range that was selected. (four different graphs, vertically aligned, unless it can be combined into one but still easy to see the graphs and digest the readings) The 3 previous periods should be defaulted to the 3 periods directly prior to the one I picked but, I must be able to change these dates by either selecting or specifying any three other periods of the same time frame size to compare.

a. E.g.: I decide I want to see this week’s data in a graph showing Amps charged and PV Panels Volts registered. I would then tick the week timeframe button. On a drop down of calendar, specify the end date (or start date, I do not mind which; lets’ say end date 13 August 2015). The graph will then refresh to display week 7 August to 13 August and AUTO update the other three graphs to show 31 July to 6 August, 24 July – 30 July and 17 July – 23 July. I must also be able to change any of these timeframes (but it should still be for a week ending on the same day I picked in the selection above: Thursday in this case as 13 August is a Thursday) I must also be able to tick some selection boxes to add/remove say the Battery capacity and PV Input Voltage for example and the periods should stay whatever was selected before. Just the other data should be added/removed

b. Should I pick Month timeframe, the option should be for example August and then auto update the graphs for May, June and July.

2. Gaps in data and no date yet, (as data is only recorded since 14 July) should be catered for.

3. I must be able to print and email graphs.

4. Proper heading to see timeframe should be on the graph

5. A red line on the bottom of the graph to indicate Line Mode and Green to indicate battery mode. (First 2 columns in the spreadsheet)

So to summarize:

1. I will export a PDF for a day starting 00:00:XX and end 23:59:XX

2. The PDF will be copied to a folder where the PDF files will be read from – the previous file will be overwritten

3. The SOLUTION will be opened, which will read the PDF and import into Excel.

4. A process to check for duplicate records must check and disallow duplicates.

5. Now the TimeFrame radio button should be ticked

6. A end date must be selected according to the radio button picked

7. The graph now is generated.

8. The columns needed in the graph now can be turned on or off.

9. The comparative time periods may be edited

10. The graphs can now be inspected/ printed or emailed.

Side note:

• I will change the interval when data is being saved to every 10 minutes.

• I am also going to add two more monitoring units

o PV panel AMPS feed and

o Battery charging readings

 All these have to end up in the same structure of graphic enquiry.

So take that into consideration when the design is done so that when the other monitoring units comes on line, it can be included.

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