Filming some Scenes without editing

I need someone to film this scene in a home which is not so different from the europian homes and people looks orientals.


1. A man washing his face in the bathroom and then in the background in her bed there is his wife looking at him friendly and thankful and she has a mask or air on her nose, she is a little bit sick.

2. Now the man is helping her in the bed because she is ill, he brings her something like soup or something helthy healthy and medicine and he sits by the side of the ill woman. The woman does not smile,

she is neutral.

3. The woman stands up and wants to take something that is heavy,

there are water bottles and it is heavy and she tries to take them, but the man stops and helps her.

and he helps her with the kids in the house.

4. Then she looks bad on him and she gets angry, and he looks at her and speaks normally and kind.

5. then he says something good about her something encouraging, and more and more on her face, you see a smiling.

6. Then the man looks out of the window and he is alone, he sees another beautiful woman,

or he just stares out of the window. and he is fighting with himself to not think about it.


1. A woman in a park is sitting and looking up to the sky and thinking about her life meaning. her head is covered

2. She is picking out a bible of her bag and reading Matthew 11,28 in her mother language Farsi(I can help you to get one)

3. she is crying, a little bit when she reads it

4. Nearby is a fountain or a see, and the focus is switching to the see and she is looking into the water

or she goes to a bridge and looking to the water.

5. She takes the bag off her shoulder, and she smiles a little bit, is it now a little bit easier.

6. now she is reading again in the bible in the words of Jesus.

C) Tricks of the devil (3 actors)

1. A woman going through the park, her hair is covered. A man on the street is trying to give her a bible in her language,

and she is friendly hesitating, but then she is taking the bible and says thank you on her language. He tries to talk to her but she is busy and goes away from him. you see her going on the street away

2. She is going on the street and then she sits down a park bench and she is taking out the bible and wondering about what is in the bible a little bit. She is now reading in the bible. It is a bible in her language (farsi?).

3. the woman is opening the bible and reading John 4. She ist think about what she is reading, looking, or dreaming about what she has read.

after a few seconds, she is looking back on the bible and reading.

4. The woman is still reading in the bible and a friend is coming and seeing her,

he is happy to see her but when he sees it is the bible she is reading the friend looks irritated

and she is trying to defend herself, and they are arguing

5. The friend goes on talking angry and the woman stops talking and is looking

sad. The woman starts to cry on the park bench and she is taking her hands in front of her face.

The man is just righteous looking down at her. He begins to look proud and he is praying aloud.

In the background you see her crying, and then the focus changes from him to her and back,

to the friend praying to raise up his hands a little bit.

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