A Flash AS3 (AIR) / iOS Developer Up For A Challenge

I'm looking to work with someone who would be interested in putting together a proof-of-concept AS3 codebase for a demo iPad app to confirm these technology choices.

At this stage I'm only looking for a specific subset of core features to be demonstrated in principle and in a perfomant way (and on iPad only) – not a polished, fully-featured app or UX. I'm hoping that finding the best way to tackle this could be an interesting challenge and represent a fast turnaround for a developer with the right experience.

I'm after three things:

1. A repeatable publishing workflow that begins with a 30,000 word file exported from your choice of standard publishing package (ie Google Docs, Word, Pages or Open Office) and results in a source mark-up file that can be read by the iOS app, plus any code necessary to complete this transformation (eg XSLT or a custom parser). This mark-up file only needs to support the following styles/attributes:

> bold, italic, indentation, page break, section divider, web links

> But it should be extensible, so that additional custom tags that can be picked up by the app can be added in the future (eg image links)

2. A well-commented set of AS3 source files that have onward development in mind:

> The approach taken should ensure that fine-grained control over the layout and presentation of text is possible (eg using TLF) in future iterations of the codebase.

> The AS3 functions used and approach taken should be chosen so as to require minimal future adaptation/extension to support Android devices and web/desktop delivery.

3. A demonstration of the AIR-to-iOS export process that results in a native iPad app with the following features:

> Pagination. The source text is repaginated, preserving the above style attributes and presenting the content like a simple eBook or PDF reader, in portrait orientation, where the user swipes to the right/left to slide to the next/previous page.

> [url removed, login to view] app renders text really well – on a par with say iBooks – on both retina and non-retina display iPads. Page transitions (a simple horizontal slide) are smooth and quick, even as the user swipes rapidly through the document.

> Resizable/flowable. A simple mechanism lets the user re-size the text, previewing the result on the current page in realtime; once a new text size is decided upon, the whole document is quickly repaginated. A dynamic 'pages remaining' count at the bottom of every page displays the number of pages left in the current section (the mark-up will indicate multiple section breaks within the 30,000 word file).

> Selectable/clickable. External links are clickable (and open in the browser). Individual words or whole passages are selectable and the context menu that appears can include custom options.

This is offered as a stand-alone piece of work, but one which has the potential – if there is interest on both sides once it's completed – to lead to ongoing development.

It'd be great to work with an independent developer with AIR-to-iOS experience, confident that they can deliver all aspects of this prototype quite quickly.

I'm working on a tight budget and would like to offer a modest down-payment on commencement with the remainder of the pre-agreed fee payable on delivery.

Please indicate a ball-park estimate for the total cost of delivering the proof-of-concept, based on the above outline.

Many Thanks

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