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224062 Actionscript Game

I require: a very simple vertically scrolling shooter.

1. One start screen with start/exit buttons

2. One movie clip controlled by player(id like this to be a blue circle) can move left,right up and down and shoot an instance of another movie clip.(a smaller orange circle) The projectile movie clip moves vertically upward.

3. One movie clip with a path representing an enemy(a red circle) which can shoot instances of a movieclip representing enemy fire. The enemy projectiles move vertically downward.

4. upon collision with player fire the enemy movieclip will go through an explosion animation and dissapear - this can literally be as simple as a red square appearing for two frames.

5. upon collision with enemy fire the player will undergo an explosion and disappear - again as simple as a red square appearing for two frames.

6. a backdrop scrolling vertically from top to bottom this should be three or more jpg's of the documents background size.

7. Upon the player being destroyed three times the game ends and takes the player to a ending screen with try again/quit buttons.

Upon the player moving over the area of the final jpeg(a collision layer covering the same size) the game is taken to the ending screen described in 7.

I would like the code to be heavily commented or if possible to contact the developer on skype because this may well turn into a longer term project. The reason I want this in its most simple format is because Im perfectly capable of ransacking other scripts and tutorials but it would just take me too long and Id like to concentrate on the movieclip animations.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash, Semua Boleh

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