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223393 Ajax Flash Project

Outline for the webpage design:

We envision a very beautiful, fast, highly interactive page, with beautiful motivational imagery. When people type the URL, we want them to go to the home page without Intro. The home page will have a background related to what the program is all about and pathway to or entry to 12 areas or sections. The name of the program and the page is SOS, which stands for Set On Success.

Basic description:

The program is created to provide to humanity a simple, well structured, system for their life upliftment by offering education, exercises and tasks for developing, improving and achieving optimum Health, Happiness and Money (prosperity). Initially we will develop the web page in English and Spanish.

We wish to provide a good foundation with teachings and exercises to be performed, while at he same time create it in a way that is fun, beautiful, enticing to participate and rewarding.

It will be based on high technology web page capabilities with movement, video, games, activities on the page.

There are 12 sections associated with the webpage all of which work interrelated with each other to support the success of the person.

All the sections are accessed from the home page. Several of them are available to members only. The way it will work is that people will create an account and be able to log in to participate in the program. For people that come to the page for the first time, we will have some of the sections available to be seen so that they can get an idea of the program and determine if they wish to join.

We want people to succeed and to change and uplift their lives, for that reason, in order to increase the probabilities that people complete the entire program, we are creating it to be fun and offer rewards for the commitment and daily participation in doing their tasks.

Some of the activities of the different sections need to be done on a daily basis. The system needs to keep track of the person's use of each section and create a token that is stored on the section called personal room. At the end of the program, for graduation the tokens are added up and the person receives a certificate and a graduation gift according to the number of tokens they have collected.

The sections are:

9 weeks of lessons with exercises and tasks:

Called the doors of Knowledge (token: a golden key)

Each week will be a door that the person needs to open and walk through to receive the lesson and participate. The 9th week will be a gate. Each week the doors get lighter and lighter until the person reaches the gate. The progress needs to be in order and on a weekly basis, meaning that people can't skip weeks or go to other weeks before they finish with the prior week, also they can't do 2 doors at a time or on the same week.

Each week will include a weekly lesson with tasks and homework, tips, support materials, quotes.

Once the person completes the tasks for the week, they receive their token which will be the key to open the next door.

There will also be an option for personal coaching

Key design elements:



Page layout with area for lesson, the tasks, the quotes, support material, etc

Homa Fire:

Token: a Phoenix

In it will be a central fire that is burning at all times. There will also be a notepad where people can write on. Once they write on the pad, the paper needs to be thrown into the fire. It needs to be created so that it shows the paper from the pad being thrown into the fire and fully burnt. After the words are burnt the person will receive a message that it has been burnt. As the paper burns the fire will get brighter.

Each time the person writes and throws a paper into the fire, they get their token.

Sun Bathing:

Token: a Sunflower

This section is created for filling up with light.

We envision the imagery related to a sun shining bright and a person smiling at it with open arms, receiving its light.

It incorporates a daily intention to be carried throughout the day. It will have a scroll to write the daily intention, which will start with: Today I choose to focus my thoughts, words and emotions on ______.

We will provide several options of daily intentions, one of which will be “create your own”. The intentions will be: beauty, love, laughter, calmness, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude.

The instructions will read something like: fill your day with light and warmth of the sun, your body with good organic, fresh food, your heart with love and your mind with happy supportive thoughts. Choose an intention for this day and focus on it throughout.

Wish Fulfilling tree:

Token: a fruit

This section's purpose is to bring awareness to people of their abundance, their blessings and to create an opening for magnetizing more good in their lives through expressing gratitude for what they are and what they have. So it will have an imagery of a beautiful tree full of fruit with a person seating under it, and an area where they will write what they are grateful about.

Personal Room:

Token: music note.

In this section each person will have their personal sacred space. Here is where they will store their tokens in different baskets, trunks, or bowls. They will also have the collages that they created on the first week related to where they were and where they want to be. These collages will be created from a photo gallery available to them. They can also choose to decorate the room. In here they will also have:

A commitment contract for completing the program

A mail box for messages

A feelings board to keep track of their feelings as they progress

A workbook

An option for personal coaching.

We will offer instructions on creating a sacred space or altar at their home.

All the above mentioned elements need to be designed, and there needs to be a photo gallery to create collages and to decorate the room.

Treasure Chest

This section is the store with items that support and enhance the program, as well as different items that are in harmony with what we do.

It is designed to sell online through a shopping cart.


This section will include quotes, thoughts and recipes for body, heart and mind. It will be changed and updated weekly and will be designed to provide the recipes in alignment with the seasons, holidays and yearly celebrations.



Seasonal recipe for healthy body: will post a seasonal recipe that includes ingredients that nourish the body according to the season.


hugs, compassion, ARK (acts of random kindness)


Quotes, thoughts. Mind games and affirmations

Will also include free wall papers, posters, maybe video.

Service project:

This section will incorporate a charity service project where people can participate by donating (tiding)


For participants to write about their experience, post videos, send letters, etc


A list of resources to other related websites, books, publications, etc that complement and/or support our program.

Community gatherings:

Section for people that have completed the program and want to create study groups, gatherings and bring it to their community.

Will provide information on seminars and training


Contact us, privacy policies, user agreements, FAQ's, Customer Support, Description of what the program is, how it works, joining, membership, etc.

The Logo needs to be created based on SOS, we envision a tag line with something related to: SOS a program for Health, Happiness and Money or be healthy, be happy be rich or something on those lines.

We kindly request that you keep this information confidential as it is in its gestation period and not ready to be released.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash, AJAX, Semua Boleh, CSS, Reka Bentuk Grafik, Joomla

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