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Flash Night Time Movie

Flash CS3

Small Budget Under $70, Other Prices may be Negotiable.

All Drawings in Main Scene must use ActionScript on the 'The Drawing API' and 'Components'. No Imported Graphics. Simple Shapes can be used. (Triangle for top of trees, Simple Line for Bark, Squares for Windows etc

Movie must have 3 scenes. The first will be the introduction, the second will be the movie itself and the third will be the credits. Save as '[url removed, login to view]'

Introduction Scene

1. Introducing My Movie (Text Banner)

2. Use Alpha Tween from 0 - 100%. Have Small text to begin with and increase in size to give in the zooming in effect.

3. Use Seperate layer for background. Color must be different from other Scene's.

4. An Enter button to the Main Scene.

Main Scene

1. Draw City with at least 3 buildings of various heights ( Static throughout Movie)

2. Draw extra items arund buildings, e.g. Trees, Flowers, Lamp Posts

3. Make windows in buildings turn from dark (OFF) to yellow (ON) in progression ( A FEW AT A TIME) as the night plays.

4. Create Linear gradient background (DARK BLUE/LIGHT BLUE). Rotate gradient so the darker blue is at the top of Stage.

5. Apply an alpha tween to gradient layer. At beginning of movie, turn the alpha down abit, by the end of the movie the alpha should be at 100%, this will create the effect of night time as the movie plays.

6. Create City street that crosses in front of the city (static)

7. Create a Moon and put it on guide layer, have it cross the night sky as the night progresses/

8. Stars come out a few at a time as night progresses (alpha tween on stars)

9. Cars cross street in front of buildings ( NO IMPORTED GRAPHICS)

10. Each Layer must be named

11. Create Sound layer with imported musci to play duration of movie (Streaming)

12. A HOME button to the introduction scene and a Credits Button to the Credits Scene.

Credits Scene

1. Using a Text Mask, type the Text "Created by


Copyright "Current Date"

2. Create a seperate layer for the background.

3. After the Text Mask plays through, haave the text come static for about 5 seconds

4. A Home Button to the Introduction Scene.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash, Photoshop

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