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I'm very flexible on how this project gets done (programs utilized, etc.) and I'm open to discussing it. But I have a VERY good idea of what I'm looking for in the end product. I do recognize that I am not a developer, nor do I want to become one! That's precisely where you come in. The best way to describe this project is something along the lines of [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] "ULTRA LITE". The site MUST have a high-end, professional look and ease of navigation, with some of the same "look" and features, BUT WITH MUCH LESS content/sections/pages because I will only cover the NBA and NFL, for example, and probably one other sport. If you visit one of these sites and take away 50% of the info and options from the home page you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about. So this project will NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to the size and scope of these other sites. I mention them strictly as examples of "look" and "feel". I may add one or two more sports down the road so we can discuss this as it relates to moving forward. I want the site to be "lean and mean" and easy to manage and maintain. I am looking for excellent developer that can expertly handle every facet of this project. From design/layout (with my input and artwork), backend work and database, flash work, etc.. The site MUST have a content management system (of some sort) and use CSS style sheet, etc. so that the site has a consistent look and feel, and others (including me) are able to update content on a daily basis within the confines of the system you develop. I will have considerable input (because I know the core components that I'm looking for), BUT I will look to YOU as the expert on the development side and look forward to your ideas, suggestions and overall guidance. Components of PHASE I of the site should include: - Exciting, graphic-rich design with approximately 9 menu buttons (this number includes a "Home" button) on each home page . - FYI: You'll integrate a separate "stats service" into the design (framing the content area with the page header, ad spaces, etc.) I think it's just placing exisiting code/content and framing the pages with the header, menu, ads, etc.. This "stats service" has multiple pages and sections (Scores, Rankings, etc.) so we can discuss how best to do this. - 3 of these menu buttons (covering the primary sports) will take the visitor to "sections" of the site that will then be broken down into approx. 9 sub-sections (again, using the existing "stats service"/code: schedule, rankings, leaders, etc.) - Include a "Headlines" area that links to template/story pages. - MUST include some sort of content management system/abiity to add content and update headlines, etc., on my end. - Include the ability to have visitors register for contests and sign up to receive e-mail, etc., so it will need a database component. - I will be adding contests and landing pages to the site monthly (so will need ability to use database for these). - Site must be RSS and Blog "ready" (these can be added shortly after the core site is up but needs to be built into the front-end planning.) - Include/Integrate space for "video" into the design - I'll produce/provide/upload.(definitely on the home page, maybe links from other pages too?) - a fan forum/chat area I have an existing "test" site right now and have a lot of artwork, images, logos, etc., to kick start this project. ******************************************************** The following information is from my own notes so there may be some redundencies since it was written at different times. ********************************************************** NEWS Once the site is up and running, I will handle uploading of all images, writing and placement of "news" stories, etc. (using CMS) You will only have to set up the MAIN "sections" on the website (I.e., College Basketball, College Football, College Lacrosse, etc.) AND set up TEMPLATE pages (using the admin./CMS system) for me to use to create new stories and add pages (as new information is published) to the website each day. *CMS - Very important. Text, image files and ads. BLOGS In addition to stories that are provided from news services, I will also have multiple "part time" content providers / writers and have these writers do this in a "blog" format. I need to provide separate/SECURE/isolated areas so that someone (anyone that I give a password to) can write and publish/pending directly to the site (if they have a password), SPORTS CONTENT I want the site to be designed with the flexibility of having me update ALL "scores and stats", etc. MANUALLY - using CMS - AND/OR have me pay an outside service that automatically updates all information for these sections (simply by placing their HTML code in the appropriate part of the page(s). At some point, I will probably be using an outside vendor/service that supplies the (permanent) HTML code that I place IN the design of the pages (multiple pages/sections for 2 differenct sports) but in the short-term may need to update all using CMS. So I need the site designed with heavy CMS in mind. In the future, these "STATS" pages would include an outside vendor's "STATS" product/HTML code with OUR navigation, ads, and other things that we may want to include framed around the "STATS" code. One vendor's "STATS" service is 515 pixels wide, leaving 285 pixels out of the standard 800 for vertical banners, nav bars, or other. The height of the page varies depending on the amount of information for a specific category. HOME PAGE "VIDEO": I will subscribe to a "animated" video service. I will use their technology to create "news reports" (I only record the voice part). I'm not exactly sure but I believe this is simply a "copy and paste" of their code. Let's discuss. But this needs to be placed on the home page. Small "box/square". NEWSLETTER: I currently subscibe to a Rich Graphic HTML e-mail marketing service to send and track my newsletters, click-throughs, etc.. If I can get rid of this service AND STILL have the research and metrics elements that would be great. Either way, I would like to include your HTML e-mail sending capability and a template that matches the design of the finished site. RSS This is to allow for a feed to alert users of updates to the site. POLLS/SURVEYS I want to have a new poll on the home page every week. eCOMMERCE Phase I: A simple link to an existing store (outside of my site). I would like to have the site designed so that I can start selling direct to consumer in the near future (Phase II) and/or use affiliates/partners. KEEP IN MIND My website will include sponsors and advertisers. EACH OF THE MAIN PAGES should include specific areas to place, for example, 728x90 "leader board" ads at the top, 180x600 "Sky scraper" ads vertically on the side of each page, smaller ads in a few places. Basically every section and every "feature story" page should have consistent look and feel. "FEATURE STORY" PAGES (Template) This page "template" will be used daily to add new information/pages to the site. should allow me to include "leader board" ads, "Sky scraper" ads, and "embedded ads" on the same page as the feature stories/news (a page template that you create and I will use to add NEW information / build the archive). We can discuss how many ads/sizes and exact placement. PLACEMENT OF ADS I also want to have the flexibility to place my own ads/artwork on the site (using CMS) OR use an outside service (use their Javascript "code" and have them "rotate" the ads on each page). ********************************************************** DESIGN (reminder) ***Please refer to [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], ( and to a lesser extent... [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] for the type of overall "look" and "feel" I prefer). It needs to have a "sports" look, be visually appealing and easy to navigate. HOWEVER... Both of these examples ([url removed, login to view] and cbs...) cover MUCH MORE information and many more sports than I will cover. I will only focus on 3 sports versus the following: [url removed, login to view] "STATS" HTML CODE /SCOREBOARD, STANDINGS, ETC. This is simple. The "complilation of stats" work" is done and provided by an outside company. I do want to mention that I want to have the flexibility to be able to change providers of this service - or update each page manually using CMS - if there's a stronger option available. Frankly, the following websites are not very attractive and are not even close to what I'm looking for so please ONLY use them as examples of how a page will be framed around the "STATS" pages of the website. EXAMPLES OF STATS 1. [url removed, login to view] - Go down 3/4 of page (middle/right) under "Game Tracker" and you'll see NFL, NCAA, (etc.) logos to access the "STATS" content. 2. [url removed, login to view] ***[url removed, login to view] uses a different servie/provider that I am just now looking into. I prefer THIS version of stats. STATS (cont.) As you will see, framing the pages around the "STATS" service is a relatively simple process and this takes care of multiple pages and 2 of 3 "sports" sections on the website. No additional work required other than "framing" the pages/sections. However, 1 of the 3 sports I will cover does NOT currently have this STATS service available for it (unfortunately). So my coverage will be somewhat limited for now. This section of the site will require me to MANUALLY UPDATE ALL information and content regardless of whether or not I secure a vendor to take care of the other two sports. The CMS system should allow for this. But the layout of this section should include the same headings/options (Scoreboard, Standings, Schedules, Rankings, Leaders) with a heavy CMS tie-in so that I can edit/add ALL content to these pages. The following is an example of one of the the actual STATS service that I am considering using to update multiple sections on the site: [url removed, login to view] ADS CBSSportsline is a very good example of the "sponsor" and "advertiser" placement/usage on each page - leader board at the top - rectangle ads in the stories - rectangle and/or sky scraper ads on the side - "sponsored by.../small logos" for each section - etc. I like the "clean" look and it's fairly easy to navigate (there are some things I would have done differently with their site but...) ADS/LAYOUT EXAMPLES: [url removed, login to view] ADS: At the very least I need: 1. a "leader board" ad at the top of each page (728x90px) 2. a rectangle ad OR sky scraper ad (depending on advertisers preference) on the right side of each page 3. a rectangle ad embedded in the story itself (above the "fold" - see [url removed, login to view] examples) 4. a very small "Presented by...(logo)" ad at the top of each page (see [url removed, login to view] pages). ADS: MAYBE? This depends on where the menu is placed: Maybe place a 2nd skyscraper ad (160x600px) beneath the first one (or the ability to do so if desired). This would only be used if necessary, I do not want to "clutter" the pages with ads. But want to mention it. And I certainly do not want to "run out of room" and not be able to place additional ads if I have the opportunity to do so! CONTENT/ADMIN To be clear: Only "Admin" will actually be adding "headlines" and "news" articles to the website. (FYI: I do have basic HTML knowledge.) Visitors will ONLY view this information or (in some cases) be able to post "comments" to some news stories. (See next paragraph) BLOGS Blogs will be the section of the website that I want to have others (ONLY authorized parties/authors) write content and be able to post to the site. These "authorized parties" will need to have a current password (that I provide) - or some sort of "safety" mechanism - so that they can ACCESS ONLY THEIR SPECIFIC BLOG to update content. I DO NOT want these people to have ANY additional access to content/admin. I also want to make sure that I can "cut off" access if the need arises. This "Blog" section will have approximately 10-20 "blogs" in the beginning, *BUT SHOULD BE DESIGNED with the ability to expand to 100 or 200 "blogs", if so desired. Expansion to 100 or 200 (or more) "blogs" will take place over a period of 1-3 years - not weeks or months, but I want to mention it now. Example blogs: - [url removed, login to view] - [url removed, login to view] may even be a BETTER example (each school/logo, etc.) I use the term "Blog" but if you have a better way/idea on how this can be set up let me know. I simply want to have multiple authors be able to write content and be able to post it to the website (in a designated area via password). POSTING COMMENTS TO BLOGS AND/OR NEWS CONTENT? I would also like to include the ability for "registered members" of the website to post brief comments to each blog. I also want to be able to delete these comments at any time (through "Admin" function). TRACKING CLICKS AND IMPRESSIONS I have access to a system to take care of this for now. It's a simple "cut and paste" of the Javascript code and "paste" in desired location on the page. However, anything you can do to help with this process through your CMS would be good. Current System I Use: The ads are displayed in a "rotation" so that each visitor/user sees different ads every time they visit a page. I can have 1-5 advertisers or 50+ (I control process). And I can also place a "value" or "weight" to each ad so that I control how often they are viewed in the "rotation". This allows for tracking "impressions" and "click through" rates. Let me know and we can discuss. PDF (site map) This is very easy. I simply want to include PDF documents (these are that I will provide to you) as listed in the "site map". Visitors can open these and read the information (and print out if so desired). That's all. I will also have entire pages on the site with many links to other websites/information. Here's a very rough example (I just did this today WITH NO CMS so it's not very "clean" and "polished": [url removed, login to view] *********************************************************** The following is intended to provide you with a comprehensive "site map" to give you a very good idea of what's involved. It's not set in stone and there are some elements that can be discussed and/or moved to Phase II of the ongoing project. I hope this helps you. I have a more detailed version of this that I will share with the programmer that I move forward with. This layout is a "draft" and is missing the "underlines", "bolds" and "indents". There are one or two sections of the website that I can easily move to Phase II if necessary. We can discuss this. Site Map in includes 9 or 10 menu buttons, including "Home". Home Page: Includes images, teaser headlines - plus two or three sentences of content - with links to feature story pages (templates/CMS), Video area on home page (a square that's framed with Sponsor logo that can be changed/CMS), Ads, Search – both site and entire Internet - more?) Menu option 1: New Section / Sport 1 (with the following sub-sections) • News/Headlines/Links to stories • Blogs o Visitor can post comments to some blogs (let's discuss this). • Survey/Poll STATS service provides the following (for Sport 1 and Sport 2). We integrate into site and frame the section. • Scoreboard • Standings • Schedules • Rankings • Leaders • Bowl Game Info (or Playoff) Menu Option: New Section / Sport 2 • News/Headlines/Links to stories • Blogs o Visitor Comments/Posts STATS service provides the following (for Sport 1 and Sport 2) • Scoreboard • Standings • Schedules • Rankings • Leaders • Tournament Info Menu Option: New Section / Sport 3 • News/Headlines/Links to stories • Blogs o Visitor Comments/Posts Vendor's "STATS" service does not cover this sport. This section/sport AND the other two will need CMS development so that I can update all information/sections and add new information on a daily basis (even though I will eventually simply place outside vendor's HTML code in the page layout to take care of Sports 1 and Sport 2) • Scoreboard • Standings • Schedules • Rankings • Leaders Menu Option: New Section (Users must register for these – requires database set-up) • Select Option Here (1 to 4 options to begin with) o Landing Page for each option with information/instructions - Visitors can register for each option (Database) Menu Option: New Section / Special offers • Page with multiple options to select from (options open in new window) o Print out each page/offer, if desired Menu Option: New Section (with the following “options”/pages) • Option 1 (download each PDF to view) o PDF 1 (I provide all PDF files) o PDF 2 o PDF 3 - Contact us • Option 2 o PDF 1 o PDF 2 o PDF 3 - Contact us • Option 3 o PDF 1 o PDF 2 o PDF 3 - Contact us • “OTHER NEWS” SECTION o Headlines o Also: approximately eight (8) separate options/pages (or very small sections, each with content/CMS and links to other sites. We can discuss this area.) - These pages/sections should be designed/ built with “future growth/expansion” in mind (to become a more significant sub-section of the website over time). o Editorial page (CMS) - Visitors can post comments to editorial (let's discuss this) o Survey(s) Menu Option: New Section (Users must register for these – requires database AND SOME WILL REQUIRE e-commerce/check out/credit card in the near future) • RSS/XML • E-mail Newsletter • Sign up to receive text messages • ***Send text messages to Cell & PDA • (More options in the future?) Menu Option: New Section • Page with info o Link to another website (pop up in new window) o Links to each team/stadium/box office (open in new windows) • Page with info o Links to each team/stadium/box office (open in new windows) • Page with info. o Links to multiple websites (open in new windows) • Weather updates: Click on links (new window) to view weather in each sports market. o Possible [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] link for each market? • Gallery of pictures (with ability to for me to upload and update via CMS) • New page with info here • New page with info here • New page with info – this page also links to another section of this website. Newsletter / Menu Option (maybe just a simple "logo/icon" on each page?): Sign up to receive: Users must register for these – requires database • Newsletter #1 o Page with some information/images and registration • Newsletter #2 o Same as above • Newsletter #3 o Same as above • Newsletter #4 o Same as above ****************************************************** PHASE II (NOT included in this first project) Two (2) new sections with multiple pages • Page for each new section with general info o Content/Blogs/issues o New page o New page o New page o ***Cell & PDA messaging (can you or someone you know handle this project? If not, that's OK. Any questions about this? Can you provide any additional details for me to review?) Convert “Shop/Store” to ALL “in-house” e-commerce/store ******************************************************* PHASE III (information to consider for planning) ADD: A very large new section with multiple options, pages, content, etc. • OR BUILD AN ADDITIONAL WEBSITE with seamless, reciprocal links to/from this website project ADD: a large video library (Probably not archived to keep as small as possible. Let's discuss. ******************************************************* That's a pretty good overview of the new website.

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