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Convert PowerPoint to Flash

Produce four simple Flash pages/movies.

I am an expert witness in legal cases that involve cell phones. I have a large number of PowerPoint presentations that I use on a regular basis in court and in teaching workshops to attorneys on how telephones work. These presentations are starting to look a little "dated" and further I'd like to post them on my website at [url removed, login to view] in a lighter fashion than PowerPoint.

I've started converting these to Flash however, I'm not that skilled with Flash yet, and I know you guys have more artistic and technical ability than I can ever expect to gain, so I'm outsourcing this.

The person I'll select will take each PowerPoint presentation (some range to 100's of pages) and remake them into Flash movies with start/stop buttons so they can be used as presentations or self paced web learning courseware.

There are probably dozens of excellent people out here, so I may hire more than one person. Further, if you aren't chosen, I wouldn't be insulted that I don't appreciate your skill; it will be because I favored someone else's artistic style. That's subjective. I'm looking for clean and simple outputs. I prefer clipart type designs to photographs.

OK. The first project I'm putting out is conversion of a presentation called, "The Basics of Telephony". There are four key slide I want outsource now so I can select one or more people to do the rest of the work. This seems like a fair way for you to audition your work by producing four slides rather than 100 and will let me easily hire more than one person so I can compare styles and quality.

I will update this listing with the full presentation later, but for now I'm looking for only four slides so I can start my selection process.

To get some fresh designs I'll describe the four slides rather than upload the four PowerPoint slides I'm currently using. Please don't overdo the Flash. I don't want people getting dizzy when they are sitting through a 70 slide presentation. Here are the descriptions of the four slide project that is up for bid:

1. Cover Page - (you many view my webpage and lift clip art from there if you wish) - Standard PowerPoint like cover page.

Title - "The Basics of Telephony"

Sub-title - "Understanding the technology in USA v. Smith"

Author: Your contact information so I can contact you.

Footer: Attorney Client Work Product

2. Tin cans and string phone - This is usually my opening slide. A picture of two tin cans connected by a loose string. This is the most basic phone and I ask the audience if they've made a phone like this with their kids. When I get the nods I tell them, "Well, if you understand this, you'll understand the cell phone evidence in this case." What I'd like to see as the keyframes.

a. Two tin cans connected by a loose string.

b. The two cans raised up to the middle of the page with the string tight.

c. The represenation of a mouth speaking into the left tin can.

d. A wave form running along the string from left to right finishing at the right tin can.

e. The represenation of an ear receiving the sound out of the open end of the right tin can.

Slide 3 - A drawing of a cell phone being turned on by a cartoon hand similar to a curor hand. The phone can flip open and the finger presses the "ON" button. Some representation of electronic waves radiating outof the antenna of the phone to indicate it's been turned on.

Slide 4 - A car driving between two cell sites. This starts with a slide with two cell towers shown on the right and left sides of the screen. A car is shown at the base of the right tower facing left. In the next key frame a "signal" or sort of radiation is shown radiating from the car to the top of the right cell tower representing the a link between a phone in the car to the cell tower. Next the car moves left in a straight line toward the second tower in a straight line. As the car moves the link between the right tower and the car is maintained but it starts to fade (because the signal is getting weaker.) At a point just past the middle of the page, a signal from the left tower appears and connects to the car and the first signal disappears. The new signal from the top of the left tower to the car is slightly faded but gets darker as the car continues it's constant speed towards the left tower. At the left tower, the car stops and the signal remains.

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