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Flash Cartoon needed


We need a flash cartoon created. The cartoon will need to be vector images. Prior to starting the flash animation, we'll need a mockup of the cartoon character in one of the scenes described below. To be sure the look is right prior to starting all the work. :)

- starts off quiet with picture of stick figure/cartoon style man lying in bed,snoring obnoxiously. His alarm clock on nightstand next to bed starts ringing.

- man gets out of bed, yawns and hits keypad on wall. (keypad to be size of regular switch with 5 or 6 buttons vertically)At this time room is still dark, lit just enough to see whats going on. As soon as man hits top button of keypad, bedroom lights come on.

- man then hits button 2 and radio turns on ( pink panther theme song )

-man walks to bathroom next to bedroom and hits top button of another keypad. Bath lights come on and shower turns on.

-bath door closes for approx. 3 seconds and man walks out dressed for work.

-man walks to bed door and hits keypad button. Everything turns off. ( shower, lights, radio, etc. )

-Then screen shows man walking out front door of house. Screen view goes to big picture window looking out to street.

-See man in vehicle pulling the company name behind vehicle. ( I picture big block letters on wheels or something) Maybe a quick honk of the horn for a little noise

The End

Pink Panther theme song plays on the radio. I think a good time for this to last would be approximately 30 seconds or so.

We'll need the creation files (fla) when the cartoon is finished.


Kemahiran: Adobe Flash

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