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Flash Racing Game

I need a flash game developed that is very similar to this one. [url removed, login to view]

But has two modes. Mode 1 is the building mode where you can build your own track based on a set of "tiles". Mode 2 is where you race on the track. I want Mode 2 to be nearly identical to the racing in that HotWheels game, but the view should be a little further zoomed out.

Ideally, the user can use as many of each tile as they want, and the tiles will be loaded at run time from a folder or a library file or something similar. (So different tiles can be added in the future.)

I would also like to be able to add more cars in the future and also be able to tweak the performance of each car (or have the users tweak the performance.)

I will be able to provide vector graphics of the tiles and cars, but I could use help with the user interface.

Finally, priority #1 is to allow the user to race against AI cars. Priority #2 would allow two players to race against the AI cars at the same time using different keys on the keyboard. (This might be done using two views of the track.)

I have uploaded a very rudimentary flash file showing examples of some tiles and how they can be arranged.

I am looking to have a working version of this game before October 6th. On this date it doesn't need all the bells and whistles, but it should look good and be playable. (Only one car is fine, additional tile support not required, etc.)

Finally, I imagine that work will continue on this project for a long time, with more and more features being added down the road. If you do a good job on this project there is the opportunity for continued work.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash

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