Flash Video - Custom Poster SWF

Custom Flash Video Player

I require someone with EXCELLENT Flash skills to build a custom .swf to the specs below (the source .fla must also be provided).

I have already built a simplified model of this and could probably build the final product myself (eventually) but do not have the

time to learn everything involved to the high standard that I need. So please, no beginners or timewasters... I will spot & reject you.

This swf is intended to be distributed on a number of affiliate websites, while calling and serving all of its content from our main site/s.

There may be some very slight adjustments in this project outline for error handling; one of the reasons I need someone with excellent skills who can let me know If I have missed something.

There are more projects in the pipeline so I would prefer a provider that will be available for future Flash related work.... Also, experience with Coldfusion will be seen as an advantage as it is my language of choice.

The accepted product and all associated IP will become the property of the Advertiser (OJULO).


An overview of the required SWF:


On loading, the .swf receives the following FlashVars...

:: var_Interface

:: var_ContentID

:: var_BGColour

:: var_midwww (an encrypted variable used for validation)

The swf then performs the following tasks

::Creates a background set to the var_BGColour

::Sends http request with the var_interface

:: the the var_contentID to the main site listener

::Receives back the interface URL

:: the poster content URL (static image)

:: the var_preloader URL

::Outputs a poster swf (static image with swf interface) or default company image if any error has occurred

Then: Once loaded and the poster is displayed..... the swf....

::Sends an http request to the main site listener with viewerIP, var_contentID, Host_Address, and var_midwww

::Receives back var_validity_good

::if false > Stop / Abort / NO Further Action / Hide Video Interface & Cancel Controls

::if true > proceed & allow further action

::Send viewerIP as an http request to a 3rd party site listener

::Receive back var_XY

::Assigns var_AB according to the value of var_XY

Then: When the viewer presses the play button (for the first time) the swf....

::Loads and plays the designated var_preloader until it....

::Loads and plays the video from [url removed, login to view]

Then: Once video playback begins...

::Sends an http request to the main site listener with multiple variables (for logging)

Then: When the viewer presses the play|pause|stop button the appropriate action is taken for that button


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