flash webcam proximity detector

Am reposting as have had more ideas.

Need a flash based webcam interactive application in 3 parts. In order of importance.

1. [url removed, login to view];mode=related&search= Looking for someone to do a Flash game like "Pong" to break "blocks" that will clear the screen and an animated video file will play. After that, the game starts again. If the ball goes out of the screen, the next ball will just pause until someone comes along and activates the game via his shadow.

Projector will be placed at human level, to project against a wall. Notebook with webcam will be placed on top of the projector to capture the screen-view.

People walking through, will cause shadows. The human shadow will be picked up by the webcam and be used as the paddle which allows the ball to be bounced off to hit blocks.

If there are more shadows e.g. 2-3 people, the ball will still bounce off all the shadows.

[url removed, login to view]

see towards the end, the 2 girls playing with pink balls.

2. Pls refer to [url removed, login to view]

I can film a group of people from sitting, to soft clapping, to loud, to standing up, then you can use it and reverse it. Basically, the closer someone walks, the louder the clapping. The webcam can be placed in front, facing the audience to pick up the movement. The larger the movement covering the webcam view, the more the clapping.

3. Would also like effect like this [url removed, login to view]

with a slogan instead. projection shows black image. when someone walks over, a slogan sparkles and shows and fades off in sparkling colours.

Project needs to be completed before 8th Dec. I'm not sure of budget so let me know, i'll adjust accordingly.

If you have a demo, that's the best way I can select you. I have a webcam on my PC so i can test your demo.

I did google and found some api and developers kits.




Try the games here


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