CD Jewel Case Flash Animation

CD Jewel Case Flash Animation

-On main website ([url removed, login to view]) when the user rolls the mouse over the CD Cover Icon, the icon will have a glowing outline and also raises up with a shadow.

-If the user clicks on the CD icon, a dialog box appears above the Courthouse but does not cover the "Lex Lawless" logo at the top or the music player and icons at the bottom. However, the bottom section would be darkened slightly.

-In the dialog window, the CD Jewel Case will be in the closed position showing the Album Cover

-When the user clicks on the CD case, it will open in a smooth realistic fashion. Obviously it will show the back of the Album Booklet on the left side and the CD with artwork on the right side.

-If the user clicks the CD, the CD will pop out of the Jewel case to the center of the dialog box, the Jewel case retreats slightly to the background.

-If the user rolls the mouse on any part of the CD face that's left of center, it will start to flip (end over end) right to left, and if the user rolls the mouse right of center, it will flip left to right. When the mouse is rolled off the CD, the CD flipping slows to a stop with the CD artwork facing the user.

-Upon clicking the CD, the Jewel case returns to it's starting position, and the CD is placed back on the right side

-When the user clicks the Album Booklet (which shows the Back Cover), the booklet will slide out of the Jewel Case on the left side, the Jewel case retreats to the back, and the booklet re-enters the screen from the left side showing the Album Cover.

-The bottom right-hand corner of the album cover will have a slightly curled page indicating that the user can grab the corner and turn the page. There should also be buttons just below the Album booklet to allow page turning:

a) Far Left - Returns to Front Cover

b) Left - turns one page left

c) Right - turns one page right

d) Far Right - Goes to the Back Cover

An example of this page flipping functionality can be viewed at this website:

[url removed, login to view]

-I do not want to buy an application ( like above)through a 3rd party due to editing restrictions as well as the need to pay a license fee.

-There should be a "Close Booklet" button so the booklet gets placed back into the Jewel case. Basically a exact reverse animation.

-There should also be a "Return to Website" button available at all times to allow the user to close the dialog box anytime.

- when the CD Jewel Case is in the closed position showing the Album booklet cover, allow the user to flip the Jewel Case around. Either put a button the screen that says "Flip Jewel Case" and/or allow the user to flip it by clicking in the Jewel Case itself and moving the mouse to the left or right.

For now we are planning to have 20-24 pages. We'll send them as PDF files or JPEGS but even if they are not completed yet.

though not big budget for this - future projects will be in the offing

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