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Macromedia Flash Photo Gallery

I have this photo gallery I am working on: [url removed, login to view]

That is just a demo I made up to show the effect I want to use. Obviously the effect would play and the photo would stop. You could view it for as long as you wanted and when you press the next or previous button it would goto the next or previous photo. That effect would go again to the next photo and then stop so you can view it. The close button would do a javascript close function as all my galleries will be linked off my main page in popup windows.

I want two things done: one would be to add a small streaming mp3 player on top. It would be the same width as the polaroid. It would show the band name and song and have a play and stop button. It would also allow you to select which song to play from up to 5 different ones. I definately want it streaming because I don't want to embed all those mp3's into an swf file. Takes too long to download. The mp3 player would stream files named [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], and song5.mp3. It will read the names of the bands and song names from a .txt file. So, in the future if I ever want to change the mp3's all I gotta do is change the .txt file and upload new mp3's with that filename.

Second, I want to see if some sort of script can be made to ease making photo galleries since I will have a bunch of them.

It would ask me how many pictures will be in the gallery. It will allow me to select which pictures go first, second third, etc. It will also ask for a blurred picture of each. That is how I did the effect in the above sample. It changes from alpha 100 to alpha 0 from the blurred picture to the normal one.

After it asks me for all the pictures it'll then ask me for two lines of text that are on the bottom of that demo. ie: title - pattenburg quarry, and location: pattenburg, nj

Once I enter all the information it will ask me the output filename and will automatically make the SWF for me. With the next and previous buttons working and everything.

Then I'd upload the SWF to my website and link it off my main page.

I'm looking to start this project in June because I'm buying a $900 digital camera this month for my photography. That's when I'll have the funding. I selected $300-$1000 range, although I'd like to keep this as low as possible because it's only a personal website of mine. I'd go a little higher if really needed.

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