moderate flash programming


in short:

A flash file where a finger pushes against a switch, and the switch determines the amount of ‘wind’ that is blown against the flag. The stronger the wind, the more the flag waves and the faster menu items get blown from the flag. Wind effects should be realistic and in several degrees of strength. Graphics and sounds are provided. see image, new material will be provided. Deadline: start august 14, finished asap.

in detail:

Flash file:

1. flash file, non scaleable, on browser window resize, it should crop at the top and the right.

2. preloader: display of the logo with a cursor displaying a percentage loading bar. once loaded, zoom out to final game.


1. the cursor becomes the finger once in the area left of the switch. The finger can control the toggle switch when mouse down.

toggle switch:

1. switch has to pivot back to its default position; the switch can get pushed from its default position at the left to the right, depending on the mouse (finger) movement.

2. there should be resistance going to the right. when the finger is pulled off the switch (or the mouse button is released), the switch has to spring back to its default position.


4. button utter left= wind silence; button utter right is storm. sounds have to accommodate this.

5. when the switch goes to its default position, a clicking sound is activated and the wind mutes.


1. logo waves like a flag; bottom of the flag is fixed, the top gets most wavy.

2. no wind= no waving, storm=strong wavyness, mainly at the top of the flag.

3. a click on the flag displays a selectable text with contact information.

4. from ‘behind’ the flag, menu items are launched. The reside invisibly behind the flag like feathers, and when the wind starts blowing, they shoot sideways.

contact info

1. Contact info should be editable (simple dynamic text field reading from external txt file

menu items

1. menu items are shown one after the other, in random order. once the last is blown off, the process has to loop, so menu items keep coming. however, a menu item can never be displayed twice at the same time (last of first loop, first of second loop). a new loop can only start after the last menu item has ‘died’ away.

2. menu items move according to a random path; preferably completely random, otherwise with a set of predefined trajectories.

3. first sideways, then upwards (compare someone blowing his cigarette smoke). the strength of the wind is imperative for the item’s trajectory: storm will blow the item straight off the page rendering it invisible; a soft wind will result in little sideway movement, and gentle fluttering upwards (can move off the top of the window).

4. after the item comes to a halt, it has to fade away after 1 sec. next item can already be launched, even when the 1st item hasn’t faded away yet.

5. every visible item has to have a decent ‘click region’

6. items should be easily adjustable, using an external txt file (eg, “name: contact; url: [url removed, login to view]; font: italic 12pt arial; color: #223344;”)

7. number of items should be read from this txt file.

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