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Political Animation for YouTube

Animated video suitable for playing on YouTube.


1. Short intro featuring our logo. (Something simple and easy.)

2. Rectangular graphic that morphs into a beating heart that was derived from the graphic (audio: background sound of heart beating that keeps pace and intensity with changes below)

3. One and then additional people (audio: demented yells in sync with mouth movements) stab at heart, each stab accompanied by:

a. 3-6 words of text (audio - the text is read).

b. gush of blood

4. The stabbing speeds up until it's almost a blur while the intensity of the gushes steadily decrease.

5. After a few stabs the heart slowly deflates and droops, and the beating slows until it stops.

6. Remove all but one of the stabbers. The remaining stabber will perform a specific gesture.

7. Fade to a rippling or waving flag with the heart superimposed (the heart would ripple as if it is part of the flag). There would also be some changing text to go with it. If possible, the rippling/waving and changing text would be an endless loop.

Supplied for inspiration/source:

1. Logo

2. Rectangular graphic and animated gif of beating heart.

3. Pictures of faces of famous people that do the stabbing. (Pictures can be used to animate faces or substitution of caricatures can be considered.)

4. Text for 3a above.

5. Description and video of gesture in 6 and a picture of the final position.

6. Text for 7 above.

Delivered project would include:

1. An animation in a format still to be determined. The YouTube size is 320x240. Additional exports at larger sizes still to be determined

2. Audio as described above.

3. This deliverable required only if the beating heart is revised - The beating heart exported as an endless loop animated gif in these sizes: 60 x 60, 90 x 90, 170x170, 320x320, 540x540

4. All hearts would have a watermark with either a version of the logo or simple text with the site name. The watermark would be small and very unobtrusive, probably curved along the bottom right edge. The winning bidder is free to suggest a better position.

5. A 3,000 x 3,000 pixel still graphic of the heart

6. Original illustrations/graphics, Source and intermediate files in native format, and the final animation. We would own all rights.


1. Using Flash as the intermediate format is preferred, but not essential,

2. Incorporating a music track (with or without words) would be good, but not necessary. The track would have to be rights free. If you include this in the quote, please quote as a separate add-on.

3. Different styles will be considered. 2d or 3d is okay. One possibility (but certainly not the only possibility) is a South Park type of feel.

4. Message me if you'd like links to videos that have inspirational elements or a view of the beating heart.

5. Include example of style that will be used in bid.

6. After bid acceptance, storyboard should be submitted for approval.

Presentation Length:

40 to 75 seconds.

Project Completion Date:

Project should be delivered within 12 days after bid is accepted.

Kemahiran: Adobe Flash

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