P2TP: Sometimes All You Have To Do Is Ask

My name is Dylan Hicks.I am a twenty four year old Jazz musician from Shutesbury, Massachusetts. After seeing the impact the pandemic my friends and I have decided to take serious action. I hope you take this project to heart. My team and I are reaching out to you because after reviewing your credentials we believe you have the expertise and perhaps connections that could make this project proposal possible. We have faith that with a lot of persistence and a little bit of help we will actually be able to bring this particular project proposal to fruition.

The logistics of four middle class musicians making a genuinely large impact are daunting. However, we have assessed our resources and are taking every plausible step in order to accomplish our goals. Which leads me to this project proposal:

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If you can manage to find an individual that admires our ambitions to the point in which they are willing to support us and donate to this GoFundMe page we are offering to split half of the proceeds with you with our half being allocated to our struggling neighbors and people abroad via social media. Although there are particular individuals and causes we wish to support with our proceeds, we have high aspirations for what P2TP can be. We plan to gain notoriety on our twitter handle: @powerr2theppl by emulating individuals such as founder of Twitter Philanthropy Bill Pulte, to then expand P2TP onto other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. It is at this point we will have the following needed to monetize the channel with 100% proceeds going to our philanthropic agenda. We can create a model self sustaining charitable foundation that generates its own capital based on content creation and does not rely on the generosity of wealthy individuals. Everyone in our team will then be participating in content creation such as videos, giveaways on social media, and any interesting concepts that we think will draw in more people. This self sustaining organization dedicated to helping others will not only be our contribution to the world but we plan to have a lot of fun in the process!

The content we create will mostly be hyping giveaways. But we will also be filming fun and interesting ways of helping people. This is why I allude to Jimmy "Mr. Beast" Donaldson. He exemplifies how a charitable organization can engage an exponential number of people to raise capital by implementing incentives and interesting concepts. We have noticed that you can incentivize otherwise uninvolved people to help those in need surreptitiously by creating fun videos that are monetized by their views. This model of charitable fundraising that we hope to implement in the future is extremely effective as it utilizes large numbers of people to generate capital and all it costs to generate content is free time with friends and a couple fun ideas.

We understand the discrepancy between optimism and naivety but it is also important to note that all it takes for us to be able to help a lot of people is one light hearted millionaire that is willing to humor us for the publicity in an inevitable Forbes article or a compassionate individual that genuinely supports our cause and wants to help people in need. Rather than creating a GoFundMe that is tragically honest about the necessity for these funds, my team and I have agreed that this particular format will increase the probability of finding donors. It is the light hearted, almost farcical nature of our page that makes it stand out and may captivate the eyes of one faithful donor. We understand that this is a moonshot, but in that essence is an underlying theme that people are attracted to. If you are willing to invest some of your time to work with us, this proposal has virtually zero risk and could benefit you, while most importantly ease the hardship and prevent suffering for many families in need of help. Thank you for your valuable time.

Kindly, DTH

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