Enhanced Chess Game User Interface

I am trying to create a Simple Chess Game Interface with just a few features. I want to light up the patterns of the pieces with color. I have created a model of how I would like to accomplish this. I need to add interactivity to the model so that the game of Chess can be played on it. There should also be a feature to allow the user to toggle the lighted pattern for each individual piece on and off by simply clicking on it. This piece of software does not need to be able to play Chess itself. It serves as a Graphic User Interface and is just a Chess Board and a Chess Set. There is no need for any decision making engine. There are already several hundred Chess Playing engines available for that purpose that could be added to this interface as a way to decide upon what moves are to be made. The purpose of this interface is not for computer engines to play against one another or against people. Its purpose is to provide an attractive board and set upon which to play. But the primary feature is its lighted patterns. It is a tool for Teaching, Learning, and for the Analysis of Chess. Any square or piece can be lighted up with any color. But a language of color is established to convey important visual cues as to the current situation found in any possible Chess Position. The lighted patterns act light rays of light that emanate from each piece and as they spread across the board these rays affect squares and other pieces with either threat or support. I have attached a file to better indicate what I am trying to accomplish. I have 3d models of the concept that I created with Free version of Google Sketchup. I would like to sell this interface for profit, therefore for legal reasons it is necessary to obtain the professional license for Sketchup if you intend to use my model. Otherwise it will be necessary to rebuild the Board and Set using another piece of software. It is possible to light the piece patterns on an ordinary Chess Board Design but I very much prefer the use of my expanded Chess Board so that the lighted patterns can been seen more easily without obstruction from the Set resting on the surface. If possible I would like the lighted patterns to Strobe, Blink, Pulsate, Flow and Emanate in a very Animated fashion all for the providing indicators of threat and support of other pieces. Take a look at my design and you will get a good idea of what i want. Also I would like to add audio effects as a way make this a more fun game experience. Thanks, Ron.


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