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We need a gotomypc alternative. We've tried RDP and the problem with that is that it doesn't refresh fast enough so you cannot view videos over RDP. VNC doesn't work for us because there's no sound to VNC. We've also tried every other RDP. Gotomypc seems to be the only one that works because it refreshes extremely quickly, so videos are possible, sound is no problem to be transmitted, and it's just very fast. The problem with Gotomypc is that it's expensive...it costs $15 a month per computer.

We need you to develop a program, or modify an existing one that is just as good if not better than gotomypc and we have the rights to redistribute the program with no charge. The requirements for the program is that it has to be capable of being very fast over extremely small connections such as 56k and video and sound transmission have to be near perfect over a broadband connection. The program has to be VERY responsive and have no lag between clicks and scrolling web pages. Also, the server part of this program will be on a Windows PC and the viewer/client part of the program will probably be on Linux so that needs to be taken into consideration.

I don't care if you use a current VNC/RDP or any existing program and modify it to do what we're looking for or whether you're going to start it from scratch...I don't care as long as the end result matches my requirements I'll be happy.

Please also take one thing into consideration...I've offered previous projects where I pay people and the program doesn't work and it doesn't meet the requirements. I DO NOT pay anything until I've personally tested the program/software so that I know it works...I DO NOT pay if it doesn't work according to my requirements and needs so don't expect to be paid until you've got a working software doing what I expect it to.

Please PM me your target amount of time needed to do the project as well as your previous work in the remote access field and please tell me if you're building this program from the ground up or if you're going to modify and existing program. Also if you've done a previous project just like this and have the working demo I'll accept that as well to review.

Thank You


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