Read story, make Cover or 1 page illustration as example

There are many tales, lessons, and historical stories I wish to tell. Time is the only limitation and one in which I never have enough of. As a web developer with many passions I have wanted to start a Web Comic for some time. I have a generic website setup for this but I do not have the content. That is why we find ourselves here.


You are submitting at least one image for this bid. In regards to future work, I would also like you to submit in the text of your private message how many illustrations you would need to complete the entire story, how long it would take, and a total price.

Why do this when the Project is for a cover or page for only $20 you ask?

That is because I am looking for something long term. I have a series of stories and works but simply not enough time to illustrate myself. Therefore I may select one or several individuals (Only one per story, no forcing folks to team up). I will decide which style I feel suits which story best, take the bid estimates into account, and hire you directly.

You may sign your works, but there will be offered for free in a daily web comic. They will also be available for purchase, at a minimal fee, as an eBook once the full series runs on the daily web comic. Therefore I will require all rights to the images and completed works. Understanding that they will not be modified (except perhaps re-sized to fit websites or advertising) and that your payment for the work will be all encompassing and you will receive no further percentage or stake in the end product.

I do not have a set style in mind so this is completely free-style. I do want something eye catching which can be safely viewed at work. Below I will post a typical story which you will review and use your talents and skill to make at least one image (preferably both to better critic). From your submissions I will select a person(s) to illustrate all of my stories. Therefore the project amount will be for only the example. The true reward will be future work.


You have read the story; now do your style of illustration. Make a cover and submit as an attachment to the private message as part of your bid in JPG format.


You have the story; now illustrate a scene/page of your own creation. Make an full page illustration and submit as an attachment to the private message as part of your bid in JPG format.

S T O R Y:


It’s June of 2003 and I wake, finish my morning routine and am out the door. The only stress relief I have anymore is cruising in my 03 Dodge Ram 1500. The black paint looks so wet with the clear coat it acts like a mirror reflecting the clouds overhead.

I merge onto the highway headed towards the west side and a Oldsmobile 442 comes up to the right of me. We both look at each other staring up and down each other’s vehicles.

Maybe it is because of my lead foot or I sub consciously decided to, but I push on the gas to let me [url removed, login to view] HEMI roar a little. I look over to see the 442’s reaction and I get a similar roar in return. I speed up just a little and the 442 matches me. As if someone did an arm drop we floor the gas at the same time.

The 442 is a little ahead of me and I am just about to hit 85 mph when I see a up ahead in the distance a cop sitting in the same speed trap he always does. The guy in the 442 must have seen the cop as well because we both slow down to the speed limit at the same time.

The moment the cop was out of sight we both floored it again. Even though I am ahead we both have to slow back down because there are cars ahead of us. After clearing the cars and being ready to floor it again the same cop pulls up beside us.

He is staring at the 442 and my truck like a lion deciding which prey to take down. Lucky for me I was at my exist for work leaving the 442 to fend for itself.

Kemahiran: Karikatur & Kartun, Reka Bentuk Grafik, Ilustrasi, Photoshop

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