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Mascot Character Design

I would like a mascot to use on a new website that will be made soon.

Description of the website:

A county association of Football (soccer) referees in Norway, with member profiles, calendar, diaries, forums and senior tips. The purpose of the site is to give the public information on the referees, some guidelines on rules of play, and give the members overview of their assignments and such.

Description of the mascot charcter design:

A norwegian shout from unpleased fans sounds like "get the referee out, get the cow in", thus I would like a humorous mascot to comply with this. I imagine a cow (standing like a man) dressed with a referee-shirt (short arms, two breast-pockets),

shorts, long socks and soccer-shoes. A watch on his right wrist would be great. The look of this cow should resemble some stupidity,

yet a seriously involved. I'd love if someone have any additional suggestions on this design. To begin with, one frontal version is wanted most. Then perhaps several other versions (character propositions) is desired later on if the design overcomes my expectations.

I've found it necessary to give more information - first because the first few bids have not met my desired requirements...

1. The mascot should be of simple design, yet recognizable. There is no need for extensive detail.

2. The price... this project I'm working on (website ++) is for a small local organization with a very limited budget. I would be offering up to $ 50 plus a note with name and comments of the designer in the site credits.

3. There is plenty of time for me to decide among the bidders, but when I first choose someone I will most likely return to the same for future projects (both within the present website and others)...

I have received a few, but good drafts of the mascot. Yet, perhaps some additional wishes...

- The head... I'd like to see the head somewhat smaller compared to the rest of the body.

- It's alright to humanize the creature... hands with a few fingers, a nice silly haircut.

- As of rule most referees have their watch on their left arm and a whistle in their right hand. I'd like to see the whistle...

Thank you all for taking the time to draft sketches to me. It helps me a lot.

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