Asterisk/Vicidial auto dialer setup

Need an Asterisks system setup with Vicidial and some web applicaiton integration.

Server would be running openVZ and the asterisk box would be a virtual environment on the host node. We need a web front end to upload files to be parsed for dialing lists. Each dialing list would represent a campaign and call receiver should have the option to opt-out of the campaign. Lists need to be scrubbed against the do-not-call (info to be supplied). We would upload updated data periodically.

Box needs to play an automated message if a human picks up or different message if voice mail picks up. If a human is interested they can press 1 to get an agent on the phone. Phone numbers will be assigned to each campaign for return call routing and tracking.

If a user dials back in or presses 1 to get an agent on the phone user must be transfered into a call queue to qualified by a human representative. Then once qualified, call needs to be transferred into queue and directed to the appropriate department. We are fine with using soft phones. Call centers may be international so high compression codec can be licensed for better performance. We'll defer to your suggestions and expertise.

Reporting for call volume and statistics and billing also required.

example of a some reports would be:

1. List ampaigns, # of calls, # of bad numbers, # of unsubcribers, # of transfers with conversion ratios.

2. Amount billed per campaign

Campaigns need to track a per call transfer cost and a budget for a customer/dept. transfers need to round robin to distribute call volume and not exceed budget restrictions. 1 campaign can generate call for multiple customers/depts. when all budgets are exhausted calling needs to cease.

Intrinsic list management features to be disclosed in subsequent communications. Essentially the ability to defer retrying disconnected or bad numbers and the use of other management techniques we wish to incorporate.

The most important aspect of this job will be documentation. We are choosing to use openvz to scale this project and repeat. Based on performance there are many planned features and modifications planned and a contract for further development and maintenance will likely be negotiated.


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